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Winter Tact WT81 Remoulds


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Has anyone used them? I need to buy winter tyres for three family members and money is a little tight :(


In the UK we tend to end up getting partworn tyres from your good selves but I'm thinking/guessing that the WT81s might not be as good from new as Conti/Michelin etc but that they'll be better than worn tyres.


Sorry for English :(

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Hi nuttinnew,


I think you would not find someone who use these winter tyres, because in Germany, Swiss, Austria... most of all, use tyres from Michelin, Conti, etc.

The most of us would not use these "No-Name" tyres because of safety reasons. Another point is the speed on our motorways, no one want to have an burst tyre with these "No-Name" tyres.

I know about the problem in UK, the most of all (~95%) drove on summer tyres there, because they did not get some winter tyres.


Greetings Snowy

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As the link is not more than a summary of owners' test reports, the quality / value of the information given is limited. ;) No one of the users has / had the chance to compare the features of "his" tyre with any other model under exactly the same conditions.


Of course, brands like Michelin, Contimental, Goodyear ect. are state-of-the-art, and they are generally ranking on top of any test. In fact, price-wise those tyres are on top, too. But bearing in mind that the companies in question have "second-brands" as well (e.g. "Barum" belongs to the Contimental Group), one should be able to get a tyre whose performance is as reasonable as its price, but still superior to Chinese, Taiwanese or Korean rubber and in addition much more reliable than remoulds.


As you mentioned that you need 3 sets at once for your whole family, the dealer should be kicked towards an even more attractive offer. ;) And do also not forget to ask your dealer for promotion offers. Sometimes (for one or two weeks only!) a well-known brand can be much cheaper than ever thought.


CU - good luck!



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