Votex Jacking Point Covers

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Firstly, sorry that I can only speak English. My German language skills comprise of around 10 words. 


I am a huge fan of the A2 and I am well known (and hopefully we’ll respected) on the A2 Owners Club 

So hopefully you will understand my motives. They are NOT driven by profit. 


I have been trying to reproduce the full Votex kits (legally) and it will take time. 

So far I have managed to get some rear spoilers produced and I am now about to produce a new and better quality source for these. I will update you later with that progress. 


However, I am now able to provide the Jacking point covers, for those that either need a full set, or perhaps one or two?


I paid £500 to have the genuine covers 3D scanned professionally.  I have spent a lot of time ensuring that the covers are as good a quality as possible. (With 3D printing the large smooth surfaces, such as the face of these covers. Need smoothing slightly)


but these are as good a fit as the originals and a perfect copy. 


Because of the cost for the scans and because it takes 6 hours to print each cover, I need to ask £20 per cover or £75 for a set of 4 covers plus postage of £10 per package.


if this helps then please let me know. 

I am only doing this to help, this is not for profit. 


I am sorry if I have not posted this correctly, I have over 12,000 posts on the forum, but I am a newbie here.



Steve B





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