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  1. I guessed that I would have to accept less - wondered how much less? €2,000 less than LHD?
  2. Hallo - und entschuldigung für meine Frage in Englisch zu schreiben. I have a 2003 1.6FSI Sport, Koni FSD's, silver, 22,000 miles, leather sports seats, climate control, sunroof, cruise control, 3-spoke leather steering wheel, winter and summer alloy wheels. One owner (me) since first registration in the UK, vehicle has been in Berlin since October 2008, on Berlin licence plate. I have two questions: Do you think it wold be possible to sell a RHD car in Germany? And if so, what kind of price do you think I should ask? Thanks for any advice, Mike
  3. Cheers! BTW, I am still looking for someone in/near Berlin to fit the FSD's etc, do you know anyone - or even know what search terms (english or german) I should use to track someone down...?
  4. Thanks again Bret, No other changes, stock hi-fi with an ipod connector. So, am I right in thinking that FSD's with 30/00 will avoid the 'Moose' and give me roughly the same ride height as my current set-up (so need to go to the 35/30)?
  5. Thanks Bret (I'm not particularly looking to drop the front though - don't want to lose any ground clearance - just want to avoid the 'shitting elk' syndrome that's described on here). One more question: Do I need to have the Weitec springs compressed, or just fitted as they come - with the bump stops shortened of course? Thanks, M PS: I just saw another thread suggesting that 35/00 or 35/30 might be better for the 1.6 petrol. Anyone have any views/experience of this?
  6. Fingers crossed my FSD's/Weitecs should be arriving in a couple of weeks' time. Just thought though, I have the Sports model, which I guess has slightly lower suspension that standard - will the Weitec 30/00 give me roughly the same ride height that I currently have?
  7. Thanks - many of the roads here in Berlin (where I do most of my driving) are cobbled - so while I still want good handling, comfort is a priority. I also hope for slightly less road noise on the Autobahn as well... And most of the time I have my 2 year old daughter in the back, so I'm not looking to thrash it anyway. After the helpful replies here, and looking at other posts/threads on this and the UK A2 forum, I have just ordered: FSD's, Weitec 30/00, 4 bump stops (front to be cut down 30mm, from the bottom), and 2 top mounts for the front. Now I just need to find somewhere in Berlin to get them fitted - any suggestions? And anything else I should be thinking about?
  8. Thanks for the replies - @erstens I may take you up on that if I decide to go the FSD route! @Shadout, what is Elch? And I haven't heard of the Bilstein B6 - do they offer the same performance as the FSD's?
  9. Guten Tag, Entschuldigen, ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch, dehalb muß ich gelegentlich einmal in Englisch schreiben! Ich habe seit Oktober 2008 in Berlin gewohnt, und ich habe mein Audi A2 aus London nach Berlin gefahren. Neulich habe ich die Suspension knarren gehört, und ich will zu Koni FSD's wechseln. Meine Fragen: - does anyone know where I can get Koni FSD's fitted in Berlin - preferably by someone more specialist and hopefully cheaper than a main dealer? - does anyone know the best place in Germany/Europe to buy them, or are they currently cheaper in the UK because of the exchange rate? - what other parts, eg springs, rubber mounts, should I change at the same time? Vielen Dank! Mike
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