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  1. Hallo mit Ihnen. Ich bin neu in diesem Forum und hoffe, dass Sie mir mit einem kleinen Problem helfen können, habe ich mit meinem Audi A2. Ich bin nicht so gut Deutsch, also benutze ich einen Dänisch/Deutsch Übersetzer. Hoffe, dass Sie mit mir zu tragen.. Wie viele Kilometer hält wieder Bremse Schalen für auf eine A2? Neue Trommeln und Hügeln. Möglicherweise gibt es hier einige, die mit der Antwort sitzt.
  2. Damn.. I did not check But without the cable installed i Got 10 Mega Ohm between engine and chassis and 0.1 ohm with the cable installed..
  3. Now when I just you have. maybe one of you can help me with a minor problem. Sometimes the clutch nice and comfortable. At times, it may well be hard and cash. Sometimes the car starts to pull quietly after I released the brake pedal and sometimes couples it hard to. as on and off. There are mounted completely new gearbox for 50.000km ago. I know nothing about the clutch. I've even changed the clutch slave cylinder. Even adjusted clutch cable to 1.89Volt and basic adjusted gearbox. Any Ideas ?
  4. Many Thanks for your help to Phoenix A2 & DerWeißeA2. Phoenix A2 made ​​me wiser in many ways. Thx Alot. But DerWeißeA2, you just came with the right answer. The ground cable. It had a bad contact on the frame. I loosened the screw and moved a little to make contact, and then the car started..
  5. DerWeiseA2: Thanks for the idea.. Will immediately go down and look for .. But if this cable was faulty .. Would this have anything to do with the lack of 12V to the starter. terminal 50?
  6. Relay J226 - Starter inhibitor and reversing light relay
  7. It was a VAG tester. 50 series. warning light with key symbol (imoblizer) lights up when I put the ignition on and goes out shortly after again. level of the hydraulic fluid is approx. 2cm from MAX. up to filling. voltage of the battery is okay .. There is CTEK on. There is no water or moisture under your feet on the left side where the ECU is located Have also tried to remove the battery from a long time and put back on, but no change. As mentioned earlier, missing 12V ​​voltage down to the starter .. I found a wiring digram, and found out that there is a relay J226,
  8. errorcode 01320 was stored on both 17 - Dashboard and 25 - imoblizer. I could delete them on both.
  9. I have not VAG tester at home more .. I borrowed it home for a weekend from where I work. I also had another error code below 25 - imobilizer called 01320 - controller for Climatronic-J255. No communication with the engine control unit. This error I could easily delete, and I suspect that this error is due to the same problem.
  10. Audi A2. 1.2TDI from year 2001. Km. 230.00 mileage after due adjustment of the gearbox 5.000km. Sorry. Clutch cable has not been adjusted after the car will not start. The value is 1.89Volt. I got the Errorcode 01177 in dashboard effort (instrument cluster?) and immobilizer. Error code 01177 can not be deleted under the immobilizer.
  11. All right. Thank you for your reply .. Will just write my problem again, just in English. My Audi will not start. The starter motor does not rotate when I turn the key. The problem has been shown a few times before during cold periods, but after a while I got started in the car. and therefore has not wondered more about it .. but now it will not start. not at all. Neither the gear selector in position P or N. My brake light works fine. My battery is six months old and fully charged with a CTEK charger, so no problem here. I have read out with a diagnostic tester. Clutch cable
  12. Hallo .. Ich habe einen Audi A2 1,2 TDI aus dem Jahr 2001. Der andere Tag, ich konnte nicht das Auto starten .. weder mit dem Wählhebel in Stellung P oder N. Ich habe dieses Problem ein paar Mal vor, aber das Auto wird wieder nach gestartet. Ich änderte den Bremslichtschalter für Sicherheit willen. -Aber jetzt ist das Problem wieder da, und jetzt ist es vor einigen Tagen und kann nicht gestartet werden. Der Anlasser dreht nicht. Ich habe eine vollständige Ladung der Batterie. Kupplungszug ist 1.89Volt angepasst. Ich habe festgestellt, dass Klemme 50 Spannung nach unten f
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