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  1. Hi Chris, Thank you for your message. My car is now working again. The problem may have been a combination of things, but the part that finally cured the problem for was the ‘knock sensor’ on the back of the engine that detects each explosion in the cylinders. This was the only sensor on the car that I did not change before giving up and handing the car to my local dealer…. Working in conjunction with the cam position sensor and the crankshaft position sensor, the knock sensor allows the ECU to calculate if there is a problem with one particular cylinder due to a bad detonation or if the ti
  2. Hello everyone, We are focusing on air leaks now and the car is being tested as I write. On the inlet manifold there is a round access cover with an inline valve inline with number 2 cylinder. I have no idea what this does. It is part number 036129720. Can anyone tell me what this does please? You can see it here: AUDI A2 2000-2005 1.4 16V AUA AIR INTAKE INLET MANIFOLD P/N 036129711BH (44804A) | eBay I am hoping the leak comes from here and is making the mixture weak and causing the misfire. The misfire starts when the engine and lambda sensors are up to operational temperature and on
  3. Hello everyone, Installing new camshafts, housing, hydraulic lifters has improved the smoothness at tick-over and the car runs well, but the fault is still there. If you start the car from cold and left it warm up, it starts fine on four cylinders and then after a few minutes will start to misfire on cylinder 2 before the ECU cuts the signal to the injector when the car will run on three with the EML flashing. Resetting the ECU whilst the engine is running instantly restores the car to four cylinders until it starts to misfire again and then it will cut out back to three. If you start the
  4. Hello, Yesterday morning I delivered two new camshafts to my Audi dealer, who was very impressed by the savings I had made and very curious to know the source I got them from! Although not wrapped in "VW" paper, they appear to be genuine parts from an original OEM supplier. Each camshaft cost me 125€ instead of 287€ + 20% tax from Audi, a saving of 440€. I could not find a new 'old stock' housing, so will be getting one through Audi. I ordered the camshafts by phone and got the UPS confirmation that they had been sent before I got the bill from the company. That level of service and trust
  5. I have found this ebay seller who assures me the parts are genuine VW. 125€ compared to 287€ +20% tax from my dealer. Here is the link. Nockenwelle Auslassnockenwelle Seat VW 1.4 16V 036109101DE AKQ AUA APE AXP BBY | eBay
  6. Can anyone recommend a good source of VW/Audi engine parts at good prices? My dealer in France wants 1300€ for 2x Nockenwelle and a Zylinderkopfhaube. Many thanks, Philippe
  7. Thank you DerWeßA2 for the link. Very interesting that all the cars in that thread were 2002 models. The problems experienced by the other owners and garages are identical to my car. I am seeing my dealer this morning and will give him a copy (thank you Google translate!) My car has had three new cylinder heads, but I cannot see any bill for camshafts , housing or hydraulic lifters. The oil was very black when I got the car. I wonder if the long oil change procedure was such a good thing in hindsight. I will post progress. Thank you everyone
  8. I would most appreciate some more explanation please about the camshaft and its storage. The cylinder head+camshaft+lifters are all new. The dealer has just removed, checked and refitted the head finding nothing wrong with it. Many thanks, Philippe
  9. Yes the car is a AUA with central ignition module, which has been checked, changed and checked again. I now believe that the problem is a bad earth between the ECU and the car. The injector cuts out after a few minutes when ticking over. My cheap LED injector signal tester does not light up giving the impression that the signal has been lost, BUT when an oscilloscope is connected the signal is still there, but obviously not strong enough to power the injector or my tester. I presume that an oscilloscope requires very little power to be able to take a reading.
  10. Dear German A2 friends, This is my first posting here, as Bret recommended I ask your advice. I have a long ongoing problem with my A2 1.4 petrol. I would be most grateful if you could give me some advice. Below is my last post on the A2OC website on the subject: My Audi A2 has now been with my local Audi dealer for 7 months and they cannot find the problem. They are honestly trying their best. Each time I visit them I am now hoping to hear that the car has fallen off the ramp and is destroyed or it has caught on fire... Just to recap very briefly the problem. Car starts fine....if
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