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  1. Yeap.. im gonna go for it on tue.. so wed. morrning ill do what i got to do.. and maybe i will leave Germany thu or Friday depends if i get day off.. anyways i lookin for normal tires, used as less as possible...... instead i can give ya 40t km wheels 17' S lines Ps. Dealer is from 39576 area i hope ya wont! ask me to go 90xxx for tires
  2. oh damn.. i dont think i will find it on internet because i need to buy this durring my trip.. Maybe on Automarkt?... what will be the cost of it?
  3. im gonna go to Germany after christmas.. and i wonder because this white one.. got 17" S lines.. Do you think its a must.. to buy new tires? cuz i live in area with woods and sometimes there is no typical road or the road has a lot curbs.. (sick people come here to breath healthy air..) I acually not many people have this thin.. tires. I know i should buy cayman hehe. I wonder if its soo low? with this 17" tires.. can i expect from dealer to give me present like new tires
  4. i've found from 2002/11 so 2003 model with 50t km but i will listen your advice thanks..
  5. hey could you tell me something about 1,2 tdi? is it slower? update. nevermind i saw it has less power but do you think i should consider that small engine?
  6. Your advises are priceless for me thank you so much! Now lets go to buying part So: i'll listen if there's any sound durring opening sun roof but this should be soundless ? like no soud at all ? or there will be sound of the motor which opens roof..? What about wear of joints in the suspention, is possible to noticed it durring test drive? can this be fixed somehow? What is the cost and is it serious isue ? About the mileage.. I thought it can not be reduced but your prove me wrong.. i thought its protected somehow anyways.. i will look for doormat if its used,steering wheel,
  7. Nachtaktiver You told me to avoid older ones.. and like Gaudi (spanish architect? ;D ) said those ar first models of Tdi.. So i came down to: http://www.autoscout24.de/home/index/detail.asp?ts=7431444&id=fspqx4hm4oz&source=as24_inseratsg_detail_ueberschrift From Audi's dealer with 12 months guarantie.. 80t km and 2002/08 ! i got nothing againt this one, just poor equipment but car must drives then just have goodies and brake all the time. second: http://www.autoscout24.de/home/index/detail.asp?ts=7431444&id=gbzsdewdpsi&source=as24_inseratsg_detail_ueberschrift from Au
  8. uh.. i wonder why its this cheap.. you gave me thinkin.. with those information.. which i recived from you. Is there possibility to reduce milage somehow on clocks? Now i dont know cuz i really like white ones i dont need open sky but of course thats nice. Maybe i should buy just normal 2002 with 90,000km without equipment and slip calmly..? I'm not the risky type.. Do you think i can trust this dealer? i dont know.. next week i'll have few days off.. and i'd like to buy someones baby. hmm
  9. Hey Guys I found something... which is tempteting.............. http://www.autoscout24.de/home/index/detail.asp?ts=7005790&backlink=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eautoscout24%2Ede%2Fhome%2Findex%2Fdetail%2Easp%3Fts%3D6989046%26id%3D1lrxsn4zlsf%26source%3Das24%5Finseratsg%5Fdetail%5Fueberschrift&id=qlhnsdtzlsf&source=as24_inseratsg_ueberschrift theres even guarantie! but thats the only one Audi which this dealer owns.. i love the color and it has full package of goodies only 40,000 km its tdi but from 2001 what do you think?
  10. they both give guarantee.. but this who has nicer car does not give Audi Gebrauchtwagen:plus . Those gauarantees probably are not available.. in Poland i guess.. thats why i'd like to get discount.. But my main concern is about condition of this car, it stupid that free test drive is not available would that mean anything? hehe and this leads me to second dealer who has all cars with i Gebrauchtwagen:plus cuz our dealer has only this car without option...
  11. Yeap i like this one too.. but i wonder why only this car from all of their cars does not have Audi Gebrauchtwagen:plus, rest of A2 have it. only this model does not have its strange.. I've checked the dealer on Gebrauchtwagenbörse Audi.de so i compared it with another dealer and i found out that close model to ours from 2002 => http://www.autoscout24.de/home/index/detail.asp?ts=7871108&id=zos3d2qorlt&source=as24_inseratsg_detail_ueberschrift have Audi Gebrauchtwagen:plus and all cars from this dealer have it. Might this mean anything? that only this certain model that we like
  12. Yeap not that many cars.. for those regions. Those links which you gave are GOOD but not enough for some woman who will drive this car also I mean she had red car so this color dont exist for her and silver is useless hehe WOMEN........ We look for black , atlantic blue or... WHITE (it rocks so much!! ) there is one on scout.de and 2 on mobil.de and all 3 are not tdi But white is sooo nice acording to me what a pitty its rare how much cost to paint the car? from black to white hehe.. You gave one red model from 2003 but with 96,000 hmm i dont know but for me its much.. i dont know i
  13. Sehr Sehr Danke! Nachtaktiver You made the point ! thats what i was missing. I decided to buy in Germany car because A2 has not that many owners here so selection of used ones is small... Polish owns more A3 or A4 but A2 is rare...even A klasse is more popular. In my town i see most expensive cars cuz i live in very wealthy area of poland (tv owners,actors etc. lives in this town) My friend's dad has porsche Cayman but lots of them drives here, one time i was with my dog i saw SL55 AMG which soooooooooooo expensive.. i love that car but i wouldnt mind having sl500.. my dream car I p
  14. Which regions of germany are cheaper. I notice that postal code for example D-55246 will be somewhere in the center but D-94362 will be in the buttom of germany so which numbers are cheaper i know that last one i gave should be cheaper then center of germany.And D-26789 Leer do you think this region is cheaper? cuz car from there have "okey"price its the second link i wrote.
  15. well... i read somewhere but i guess ive mistaken something. I notice that on mobile.de there's option export import cars and export netto price differ to brutto price for 1300 Euro... thats quite nice and i find this car http://mobile.de/SIDcnFoLBBzCOthRLN2byt4bQ-t-vaNexlCsAsCsK%F3P%F3R~BmSB11LsearchPublicJ1143382850A1LsearchPublicD1100CCar%5B-t-vctpLtt~BmPA1C101B20C153%81_-t-vCaMiMkPRQuSeUnVb_X_Y_x_yetsO~BSRA6D1100A7D1900I110000000BEGCPKWA1HinPublicA2A0A0A0FDieselA0/cgi-bin/da.pl?sr_qual=EG&top=104&bereich=pkw&id=11111111202727863& Its with all goodies
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