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  1. Thank you ! Nice info ! I will come back with the results !
  2. I will try to my local audi dealer if not i will see other options.... thanks !
  3. I know but I have chabged and now I dont have that wear and also the new lever has the same position when I have fit it back on the car! The problems after checking error with vag com are the switchies from gearbox lever and I need some info on how to remove the base of the center console to reach the micro switchies Thanks ! Alex
  4. Hello all ! I bought an audi a2 3l last year and after 8 months it starts do do problems in 2nd and 3rd gear,but i notice that if i ll accelerste over 3000 rpm from 5 attemps 3 times will change in auto and if i change myself need to accelerate over 3000 and then before change the gear i need to release the accelerate pedal to shift succesfull.....if not the engine enter in some protection mode and it will not let me to accelerate anymore even in neutral ! So i payed a guy with wagcom and he said that it has no error but after reading on internet about 3l gearbox i have found that i have some lose joints on the actuator sistem and change them,after this the car was working ok in 3rd but was still making problems on 4th till one day ,when i stoped at atraffic light when was green my audi gearbox died 🙄.so after this i call again the guy with vag com and found that dont have connection with one of the gearbox lever switches.i have attached some photos related with what i m talking about ! also i have removed the battery and when i have put it back i ve notice that my radio is not working,it has only light and thats it... Thanks and sorry for english language,i dont know german :( p.s. if anybody knows how to remove the center console arround the gearstick please help me ! 😶 20181030_123046.mp4 20181030_122833.mp4
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