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  1. do you have a link for me in deutschland?? or orther
  2. it s more expensive to change Kupplungssatz 0047 10 you can change with 4kkit valeo with good size it's a exemple ;;;;
  3. think you ok i try this week your picture my dream
  4. i'm blocked at 2 arrow green i tried turn the flywheel for to remove i tried front and backside
  5. its ok for that. all the screws are removed the oil block moves. It blocks at the flywheel i can up down turn the block but 2cm at flywheel is blocked i think we can dislabed the block oil whitout remouve gearbox
  6. the case is all free but i can pull out i can turn move i dont want broke enything
  7. hello everybody i'm french 1.4 tdi ATL