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Found 1 result

  1. First off I would like to apologise, I have written this in English as my German is atrocious. I have a 1.4 BBY Papaya Colour Storm which I love. It has 176,000km (roughly) and it has had an issue since I have owned it. The engine is lacking power and has a rattle coming from it rising and falling with the revs. Now I have spent a lot of time looking into this issue and have run into the usual comments but no solution: 1) They all sound like that - they don't, I have heard very quiet BBY and AUA engines 2) These engines are badly made and will fail? 3) It is the tappets - which I have replaced (all) 4) The wrong oil has been at some point causing damage (I had tried engine flushes with no effect and always use VW spec oils - damage may have occurred prior to my ownership I admit) 5) It is worn piston rings - I have completed a engine compression test and all cylinders are >16 PSI 6) It is piston slap - possibly. My question however is that given the very brief view of the issue is there any guidance that the forum has on how to troubleshoot and fix this issue. I've had all 4 Colour Storms both diesel and petrols but I love the Papaya one, but I would like it run properly and I am running out of confidence in my abilities to fix this issue and I would like to throw myself at your mercy to help me keep this lovely A2 on the road in Scotland. Any help you can give me would be gratefully received. Regards, MrB.