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  1. Shame I'll miss this one. I'm sure Bret will provide plenty of English laughs though!
  2. Honestly, have to say a big thanks to all of you taking your time to advise me. It definitely requires some methodical electrical testing to isolate the fault. I'll report back with any significant developments.
  3. Thanks Peter, I'll get it checked. Is it still possible that one of the other items on that list is causing the fuse to blow, and the power steering is simply pushing it over the edge because of the power it needs?
  4. Definitely not my G65. It is a brand new Audi part, replaced last week. Disconnected it this morning, replaced fuse, everything fine. Stationary full lock turn, and, you've guessed it, pop goes the fuse! I heard it. That's twice now, blowing at same moment this morning. Doesn't narrow it down though, because it just means that the circuit is overloaded. Maybe mine's the power steering pump too? I'll need to check the 80A fuse in the passenger footwell. Apparently water can get into the pump and cause problems.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'll isolate the G65 and report findings.
  6. I believe g65 is part of the same circuit. But it was replaced because it had a fault. All levels were checked and the car drove about 300 miles before the fault came back. Previous owner kindly removed the original stereo Tomorrow I will get another fuse and make sure the ECON is on,then replace fuse. That way I can check to see if N280 or G65 is at fault. If the fuse doesn't blow then the problem is nearly located, if it does, back to square one!
  7. I'm not sure. I think they checked an earth point. It'll have to go back to them because I really don't have the technical know how to find the fault. My third child is 5mths and life is getting more and more hectic and expensive now with this problem! I believe Tom (Timmus) also looked at it/gave advice briefly. I'm sure he could fix it. But in the meantime what should I do? Is it ok to drive with the warnings? I just have no speedo (using GPS speed app on phone) or power steering.
  8. I will try to check if it is that problem. So it's not something that has really come up on the German forum then? Maybe the loom is routed differently on left hand drive cars so this has not been such an issue over there. Any other ideas please let me know. I'm at a loss and really want to keep the car.
  9. Fuse 38. I replaced it, two minutes later same faults again! I think I just read that one now. http://www.a2oc.net/forum/showthread.php?9095-Power-Steering-gone-again&p=69455#post69455 It was some kind of rubbing against the loom. Might see if that can be checked. Just can't believe it after spending so much money fixing everything else!
  10. I have a big problem with the car. I have oil sensor warning, power steering warning, no speedo. My mechanics tried to find the fault. Replaced G65, checked an earth point. Everything fine for 300 miles, then fuse blows again. They think it is something electrical but don't know what it is. I don't know what to do. No one knows what the problem is. And I need the car so I'm still driving, just getting tired arms. And I need to use a speed app from my phone. Has anyone had this problem before? Any solutions? Please help.
  11. Great advice. Thanks. I don't usually go into the city centres, but useful for places like Paris that I was thinking of going.
  12. Hi Bret, I'm thinking it is expensive to do, but if regulations get tighter in a few years it might be worth fitting. On another note, as a foreign car driving into German cities, how is that enforced if they don't know my engine code?
  13. Hi Durburz, Many thanks for the quick reply. Very interesting. And so there is no way to retrofit a filter to meet Euro4 with the AMF engine?
  14. Hi everyone, I'm glad there's an English section to this forum because hopefully your English is better than my German! Papahans has been very helpful with all my other questions, he also helped me fix my clicking doors at his house last summer. We have new emissions charges for London. One thing I'm wondering, is if they didn't have Euro IV tests back in 2001, does the AMF TDI 75 meet the standard? Or is it assumed that because it was marked as Euro III that it can not perform any better? It was only tested to Euro III because that was the highest target at the time,
  15. Dank PapaHans habe ich es geschafft , einige Original- Dachträger von Audi in Bichsberg gemacht zu finden. Nagelneu, nie einmal benutzt ! Sehr glücklich. Sie haben eine große Gemeinschaft hier und ich bin stolz darauf, ein Mitglied zu sein. Mit sehr schlecht Deutsch via Google Translate !
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