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  1. Aha OK, ich brauche den program von diesem ECU then, wo kann ich es kriegen?
  2. Hallo, ale A2 1.4TDI haben VNT turbo?
  3. Mankmill maybe you know how to reprogram lupo ECU so that it works without gearbox ECU?
  4. Hello, how to recognize A2 1,4TDI ECU?
  5. I give up. Bought this Lupo from my friend now, and now it's my problem, not hers. I think I will do the "umbau" auf mechanic.... any good links you know?
  6. I did that 100 times already it all end up with the 12
  7. I read the 221pdf Arthur suggested once again, took the potentiometer off, now the voltage is 2,99 and 2,09, but when I launch adaptation there is no movement :(yesterday at least there was up and down. And again even if I release the pressure the valves keep holding and not letting to move the lower leg
  8. I have it Arthur, doesn't help much with practical questions
  9. when in adjust mode on 014 block everything should move easy or with resistance?
  10. disassembled put everything back, but now on 015 block I see 0,47v on third and 2,09 on the last one.... is it ok? In 014 block wait doesn't change to adjust
  11. These things are stuck on this position i cant push them down and even when i try to pull them out vacum is holding them there ... It sucks it back
  12. Ok so will take it off and disassemble once again. Because upper arm moves freely.
  13. I didn't dissconect them, but how can i check them? Its strange that icant move the lower one even with pressure released
  14. 015 block values first box 4,20 v second 0,00 v third 2,44 v fourth 2,94 v what does it say to me?
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