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  1. what's the name of adapter? the alpine box had an adapter but itsn't good... the alpine connector that go back the stereo has 20 pin and output with "2" connector while the audio system has 3 connector...
  2. Guys i've decidet to change my a2 series stereo (with tape) and i've buyed an alpine. when i've umounted the old stereo i've see that in its back there are 3 connectors while the alpine has 1 connector. how can i do? what the 3 conectors serve?
  3. ok i've umount my series stereo (with tape) because i need to change with an mp3 stereo (alpine). The series stereo chorus II has 3 connectors what they serve? my alpine has only one connector....
  4. i need to umount the series stereo from my a2. how can i do?
  5. i went to audi assistance and the technician had cancelled the error with him tablet pc... it was an error of brakes light.. but they worked...
  6. hi guys i've a problem with my a2. today when i'm traveling on an highway has been ignited a blinking spy like spiral/coil it's color amber. My speed was 100 km/h and the motor temperature was 90°. the spy deignited after i was exit by highway... and it's appear in the city 15 minutes after... what's happened? the coolant is ok. can be the oil? thank's
  7. it depend from the model of a2? i've seen different model, the mine had only a little display, for the other models the display is more wide and there are special key for management. it's thus?
  8. gianni21

    remote control

    yes lock is only in the driver's door and there is also a red led that light when i close the car...
  9. no i havn't read bose brand...
  10. gianni21

    remote control

    i've 2 key and they have the same size, but 1 key have a light for the dark...
  11. and if this space is empty i haven't bose system, it's correct? I must lower the posterior seats?
  12. gianni21

    remote control

    no, i've Aircondition but i havn't remote control for centralized closing. i'm italian and i can't see this features on the audi italian site because in my country the a2 does not come sold...
  13. must i look in posterior trunk?or near the battery in front trunk?
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