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  1. Kan man ein Benzin motor in 1.4 TDI AMF einbauen?
  2. ok mit kalter motor lange und viel wasserdampf aus dem auspuff auch? und hat das geholfen, macht das jetzt mehr Lärm auch? keine problemen mit TÜV? und wo genau...Mittel- und/oder Endschalldämpfers?
  3. Ich vermute, morgens mit kalltstart, ich habe viel wasser im Mittel- und/oder Endschalldämpfers vielleicht wegen viel kurze fahrten (sehe beitrag 19 nov. 2018..), jezt lese ich das einige kleine Löcher bohren in Mittel- und/oder Endschalldämpfers somit das wasser weg kan, was denkt ihr? danke (in Deutsch jezt mal wieder :-)...)
  4. Not quite black smoke...more white/grey...headgasket...turbo??? But when engine reaches 90 degrees temperature nomore smoke...
  5. This what it looks like outside temperature +10 degrees....:-( VID_20190217_102338.mp4
  6. Does anybody know..if its injector problem, is there a way to indentify which injector(s) is causing problem?
  7. Yes Im sure, I have Car-Pass...this I was thinking also a moment ago 206T km and PDE trouble so soon already..? While ago I used Diesel spülung ....filter and liquid quite black......
  8. yeah but then again like I said it would be smoking all of the time and that it does not.......
  9. Faulty sensor doesnt make sense to me, then engine would be smoking all of the time if computer it thinks engine is to cold, to rich mixture and it does not, only at engine start it smokes. Anyway I just to a look and swapped it with another working sensor (how do they manage to put that thing where it little working space like I said hate working on this engine)... but no result like I thought so...and broke the electric connector on hopefully it still connects properly... I notice after some time smoke gets like McFly my diagnosis are faulty PDE, fuel is accumulating in the engine, and that I aint gonna fix... Still thing I find little bit strange that when I give a little gas it smokes heavily, at idle less...but that is probably due to the fact that it injects more fuel at higher rev and together with the fuel already in the engine its much more fuel...or? Many thanks you all...(now can I still ask other things in English if i want to...:-))
  10. I know , 1 housing with 2 sensor, G2/G62. And G83....but u dont mean this one i guess. i can swap it and give it a try...
  11. I don't suspect temperature sensor, thé gauge in thé Dash works fine, but for a start...
  12. Now u assume it's thé PDE for sure, that's not the case yet and if So to much work...but somehow you're also right, but i don't like working on this car nomore except for small repairs
  13. Yeah like i said....and that is a pain in thé ass...
  14. Smoke Mixture of all... Yeah all can be so true, i don't plan however on checking or replacement PDE. Oh u Mean leaking EGR valve? Thought exhaust valve. My guess would be to rich Mixture...due to leaking injectors but that also a wild guess