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    Nach dem Motto "jeden tag steht ein Dummer auf" wird diese Masche weiter versucht. Die aktuelle Vorgehensweise: AUDI A2 1.4 TDI, 06/2005 Schwarz, 22100 km, EUR 5000,- Anbieter: Privatinserent aus D-57462 Olpe Tel: 02761-774510 Telefonnummer --> kein Anschluß unter dieser Nummer Die Autoscout-Mail wird an einen "Herrn Löhr" (2734@kellermus.com) gesendet, von woaus diese Antwort unter dem Namen "Albert Assante" (albertassante@excite.com) geschickt wird: Hello, The car is in perfect condition and when i say this, i mean that it was never been in any accident and the engine is like new. No damage and not even a scratch.The engine is also in great condition, no problem with it. The AUDI A2 1.4 TDI, 4/5-Türer, 06/2005 is working properly and I'am the first owner of the car which my brother used it. This car was used by my brother to go to hes College and come back.It's a German car and the steering wheel is on the left side,you will have a great car for EUR 5000. If you are interested I will send you all the terms to meet you,and can you send me your name and country so I can know from where are you. I am waiting your soonest answer. Yours sincerely. Nach erneutem Nachfragen erhält man folgende Infos (terms): Hello, I'm from United Kingdom,Manchester and I had a brother in Berlin/Germany (College),a few weeks ago he died of heart problem.This was his car and he used it only to go to school and come back,now I'm the owner of the car and I want to sell it because I can not drive it in Uk,it haves the steering wheel on the left side and in uk you know that all the cars have the steering wheel on the right side,it is a German Car. I will only make this under my terms as I've had another atempt to sell the car to a french but he wasn`t a man of word as i couldn`t find him at the Berlin/Germany airport, I tryed to call him but no luck so If you want to meet us in Germany I need to be sure that you will be there so here is my proposition: You must go to a Western Union agent and you must put 50% of the money there to your brother's name,father's name,friend's name to Germany,remember that you are the sender and your (brother,father friend) is the reciever and only they can pick up the money.Or you my ask a friend of you or your wife or sister to put this 50% to your name but to country Germany because once they are sent they must to be picked up from Berlin,so I will be 100% that you will be there.Remember that the first 50% must be available until wen will meet in Germany,(In this way i`ll be sure that you`ll be in Germany and that you`ll buy the car because I don't want to waste my time to come from (Uk to Germany).This 50% will be sent to your friend or you not me and only he can pick up the money and you.EX "YOU will ask a friend to come with you to Western Union Office and hE will make a transfer so that HE will be the sender and YOU will be the receiver " In the moment that you have made the transfer you must send me a scan copy of the paper (receipt) including the bill from Western Union,after that we will fix a date for our meeting in Germany,when we will meet,you will check and see that all is allright and in working condition. Then we can go both to a Western Union agent there and get the money together. The rest of the money 50% will be payed via back transfer when you will arrive back to your home or when you will become the owner. As you see this methode is a secure one because you can not lose your money and I don't lose my time. You can not lose your money because they will be on your (brother,father or friend) and they are the only persons able to pick them up. With this deposit you proof me that you are a serious person and act like one for buying the car. If you agree with this please contact me as soon as you can so I can go to the Airport to get my ticket to Germany,Berlin and I will scan it and send it to you so you can see that I'm a serious person. To explain you with more and easy details You can contact me any time. A fast answer will be gladly apreciated!!! My personal contact information: My Phone Numbers :44-703-186-0542 ; 44-703-189-66096 Fax Number : 44-28-9256-2005 Versucht man nochmal eine Information herauszubekommen, bekommt man keine Antwort mehr. Diese Typen haben es daruf abgesehen, dass man direkt einen Scan von dem Einzahlungsbeleg schickt und daraufhin wird per gefälschtem Ausweis das Geld irgendwo bei einem Western Union-Point abgeholt. Das geht problemlos (Goolge "Autokauf Western Union") Soviel zum Thema. Ansonsten nicht weiter beachten nach dem Motto: "Ignorieren ist schon zu viel!" Viele Grüße PilleSoft