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  1. Ich möchte zu meinem Ausrüstung BOSE darstellen Ihnen, ist der Verstärker das neue Modell von A4, ist der Rest von A2 und zum die subwofer benötigte die Rekonstruktion die Ausrüstung von Werkzeuge des Autos
  2. have you noticed that the original BOSE do not touch the plastic cover in nowhere? it is became the vibration.
  3. ah ! my "Herkunft" is Lleida, (Joan is my name).
  4. Hallo allen personen!!! Ich grosse wonder. "FLYINGFUSE", yes, the navy is upper, and a little more could elevate, I think...but the air flow conduct is touching the navi and the gps antena's conector. The warning light comes from new A6, but the electronic inside is changed, remaking all the circuit by me, putting the A2 electronic. Die teilenumber ist 4f0 919 142 a, I think, because in the box there is not any post. thanks at all
  5. sorry to write you in english, I write you from spain and I understand a little of little of germany. Any of you have instaled digital tv in the rns-e on A2?
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