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  1. Hallo alles, I stop everything as I do not have enough person really interested. There seems to be a lot of concern about warranty, pre-payment of 200€, transport, versand, etc, etc...... I can understand but I am ending the offer right now. Did the same over the A2OC forum. The frenchies are not "interested". So, game over. Cordialement, Didier
  2. Hi everyone, Agree with A2-D2 post from Koni. Same think over here. Has to be installed by a professional as well:erstlesen:. Europe is still very far behind in certain area:kratz:. Anyway, I do not have the minimum quantity as of yet. I wait untill next monday and will have to stop this process. Well, I tried to help:racer:. Myself, of course, and others. Base on this experience, I think that I'll never try something like that again. Too bad. But it's OK, we learn something every day. Problems nowadays is that I tend to forget more than I learned!!!! Must be my young age!!!!.
  3. Hallo A2-D2, warranty shouldn't be a concern. I do not know the specific about suspension kit waranties but provided they are defect within the warranty period, there should be no problem. Of course talking about it is easier than asking for warranty, as you may know! The shop I get the kits from is serious and competent enough. No doubt that they are going to try for replacement. I shall ask. What is the german side of these issues? Any insight of what Koni may do in such cases? Ltr, Didier
  4. Hallo Ideofunk, Receipt will be for all and on my name only. I am not a professional and only do this to help and to get a good price for me as well. I cannot give you a true bill. If you pay via Paypal, you get my name, address and can write down what it is for. that way you get "kind" of a bill. Sorry cannot do other way. Regards, Didier
  5. Hallo. One more thing. I can hold on to the kit,.....for a while. I can give bed and breakfast to a guest (married or not, but same bedroom!) and garage space for the car;), if someone wants to pick up a few FSD kits. But only if I get a written authorisation from the people involved. I do not want a fight concerning: who took my FSD kit! This will have to be over the week end so we can have a drink and talk! En Francais cela fonctionne aussi. Cordialement, Didier G.
  6. Hallo alles. You will have to excuse me as my German is "somewhat" limited / basic. So here is the news: - Price for the FSD kit 2100-4041 is 390,-€ taxe included. Price is only valid if I can get 15 buyers. Offer is limited in time. Valid till 02/03/2009. - I can deliver free to Trier / Bitburg area, part of Belgium and around Metz to Valencienne for the frenchies. - I will be at Techno classica in Essen on 02/04/2009 and can deliver some kits there. Free of charge. I leave my phone number for rendez-vous either inside or, better, the parking area. - Package can be sent via
  7. AMG

    My 75% A2 (75 = Wife)

    12/2003, 90PS TDI, S-line advance, opensky, tempomat, heated seat, 6 CD, dual cover in boot, telephone, etc...etc... + photo of A4 2.5TDI, 07/2001.
  8. AMG

    My 75% A2 (75 = Wife)

    12/2003, 90PS TDI, S-line advance, opensky, tempomat, heated seat, 6 CD, dual cover in boot, telephone, etc...etc... + photo of A4 2.5TDI, 07/2001.
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