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  1. bret

    Anmeldethread ITXX

    i will post that to Aki shortly. Try myynti@lohimaa.fi. - Bret
  2. bret

    Anmeldethread ITXX

    Stimmt. Sollte so heissen; Freitag: Dinner verfügbar @ €20 wer es so will. Montag Dinner @€20 wer es so will Paket @ €150: Samstag: Frühstück, Kaffee, Lunch, Kaffee, Dinner Sonntag: Frühstück, Kaffee, Lunch, Kaffee, Dinner Montag Frühstück bzw. Dienstag Frühstück Gründsätzlich ist nichts an den Preisen geändert worden von 2019. - Bret
  3. bret

    Anmeldethread ITXX

    hä? ich war in Casablanca wieder und habe keine Info gehabt... und kaum Netz, aber das ist ein anderes Problem gewesen. Zeit war das grösste Problem. Anyways: Hello! So the details are in for ITXX, Ice Track 2020, and they look like this. Time: 1+2.2.2020 Place: Lohimaa - www.lohimaa.fi - Lohitie 701, 72210 Tervo Track is at Vesanto Pricing: Price is made up of food package, track time and accommodation. Food packages: Basic: Saturday Breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner. Sunday breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon coffee. €130. You can add dinner Friday, Sunday and Monday to these if you desire at a cost of €20 each. Track time is €200 per car. If you have two people in the car, you still only pay for one car on track. Accommodation: Log and Main building €55 per person per night. Taimenvirta - newest building - €60 per person per night. Timing details: Track time will start at 0900 Saturday and run through to 1700. Sunday the same. The track is around 30 minutes from the accommodation. There will be a group driving up from Helsinki on Friday, probably hitting La Kar De Mumma (Hartola) at 1200, and then meeting again at Tiinan Tupa and regrouping in Tervo. We would expect to be at Tervo at around 1730-1800. To book your place on this experience, send an email to info@lohimaa.fi with the following information: - Names of those on the reservation - Postal Address - Arrival date - Departure date - Accommodation wish - Log, Main or Taimenvirta More details will be made available in the road book in the near future. Thanks! - Bret
  4. DEFA ist echt nicht schlecht - mein Stecker ist unten neben Nebelscheinwerferaufnahme. Da fällts nicht so einfach auf. Die haben auch ein 4A Ladegerät im Programm. - Bret
  5. bret

    Anmeldethread ITXX

    Sehr gut! Also: i am still superbusy at work. I had hoped for a complete week in Finland next week, but no, I will be back in Casablanca Thursday-Friday. Then I have a week of training, then it's out to Abu Dhabi, then it's the week before Christmas.... I have to call Aki tomorrow. The 1+2 Feb looks really good; we are at least the 8 above plus Mikael, Mikael, Pekka, Alex, and Joao; I expect Petu and a couple of others to join, too. Several colleagues from the new company have also expressed interest, let's see how this goes. I intend to sort the basics on the booking with Aki tomorrow and then I will post instructions. - Bret
  6. Hello, yes, I've been super-busy with work. It has calmed down some this week (and I'm only away for two days next week, with the entire week after in Finland!) so I will put some time into this over the next days. I have no idea how this can work in the future, I am just so busy travelling that I'm focusing on family and self first. I will come back with more information as I have it. - Bret
  7. bret

    Anmeldethread ITXX

    Stimmt, Sonntag war wichtig, danke für die Erinnerung. Freitag werde ich noch klären, dürfte auch möglich sein. - Bret
  8. bret

    Anmeldethread ITXX

    Hello, a quick update as to what's happening with ITXX. I've been really busy with work - I was away most of last week - so updates are a little later than I'd hoped. I will be running two weekends of track time this winter. The first - 25+26 Jan 2020 - is aimed at newbies and locals. I'm hoping for some coaches to step forward to help these really find their feet on the track. We'll focus far more on the basics of car control that session. Both weekends are confirmed with Lohimaa. The second weekend - 1+2 Feb 2020 - will be more "business as usual", so two days of ice driving practice. I have requested the donut circle again and also an additional "freifläche", so a clear area which can be used for elk tests, slalom and other stuff as appropriate. Pricing-wise, I believe we are at the same level as last year, but have not yet confirmed accommodation pricing with Lohimaa. I understand that there was unhappiness with the quality of food offered last year - and that was acknowledged by Lohimaa with improvements promised. I expect no price increase on this front but a quality improvement. That means we're at €55 / 60 per night per person (depending on your accommodation choice), €200 per car for track and another €130 or so for the food package, which includes breakfasts, 2 x lunch, 4 x coffee breaks, and dinner on Saturday night. I will attempt to confirm pricing this week. As it stands, the limit on cars really ought to be 25. I believe we are close to that for the second weekend. Please let me know if you have any questions - Bret
  9. ... ein S-Cross (auch mit Fronttrieb und 1.0 Turbo) kommt auf 180mm Bodenfreiheit. Finde €1500 ein happigen Preis für ein Höherlegung. Und ja, Spidan, andere Untersetzer... da kommst du schon 20-30mm höher. Mein Auto ist 50mm tiefer und fahre trotzdem Schotter und "Feldwege". EDS ist auch nicht das letzte Wort, aber es ist ja etwas älter. - Bret
  10. Nein, gibt es per se nicht. Weitec hatte mal 20mm erhöhungsmöglichkeiten in Petto, weiss nicht ob es den noch gibt. Etwas höhere Reifen sind natürlich auch machbar, aber lift kits für den A2 gibt es meines wisses nach nicht. - Bret
  11. .. oder man trifft sich immer wieder Nachlese hilft fast immer, bessere Treffen in Zukunft zu veranstalten, es ist sehr zu empfehlen. Von 10 min Nachlese am Sonntag bei Track habe ich mehrere wichtige Pünkte mitgenommen die geändert werden können und sollten. - Bret
  12. Möbelpolitur, sag' ich da nur. Dat hat was - Bret
  13. Bilder Galerie wartet auf Content: https://a2-freun.de/forum/gallery/category/194-2019-sauerland/ - Bret
  14. Thermostat oder Doppeltemperaturgeber. Mit beiden Suchwörter wirst du im Wiki und Forum fündig. - Bret
  15. auf was genau kannst du nicht zugreifen? Was für ein PDF? Alles ist eigentlich auf der Wikiseite, inkl. links zu Threads im Forum. - Bret
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