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  1. Symphony 2 - need HELP

    Nope. I dont know anything about if the thiefs like a2 or not. I love to watch people faces when they look on our a2 . Regards
  2. Symphony 2 - need HELP

    I live in Warsaw . Regards
  3. Symphony 2 - need HELP

    Thanks. Big thanks for the answers. I'll try but like a said a did call the audi dealer and i did asked if its posiblle to check the radio serial numbers with the stolen radios database. The answer was "no". I think this is a bullshit so I'll try with another dealer . Thanks again. P.S Today i washed up my A2 and gues what?? Some egghead, piglicking bird bombed it. I have ugly dump on my car. AGrh !!!! Best Regards. P.S.2 I'm thinking about visual tuning of audi - light but nice, not in 2fust2furious style so dont be scared, but lookforward for my ne post about it .
  4. Symphony 2 - need HELP

    Thanks but what about the radio serial number?? Is there any way to check the radio?? Regards
  5. Symphony 2 - need HELP

    Big thanks for the answers!! At last somebody could tell me something else than "it is impossible - Audi service". Yes, the new dashboard is too expensive so I decided to sell the radio. I'm not happy with that 'cose you know - this one is great product. I'll try to sell it on eBay and some polish auctions . But there is only one problem. I brought it from USA - this is US version but I don't think there is some big difference, anyway - I didn't pay big cash 'cose it was only the radio without any code carte etc. and it is in good condition not superb . It was installed in Chevy Monza and the owner had to do something with it 'cose it didn't want to start (there is a function in symphony 2 that when the radio change the car it will no start ). He said it isn't "hot stuff" - it was not stolen. But now before I'll try it with eBay I want to be sure that is ok and i called to the Audi dealer, service. I asked them if they could check the radio serial numbers - they said - "no, we cant" another bullshit?? Help. Where can I check it ?? Maybe you could do it for me if yes I'll send the numbers . So now i'm looking for the 1 din Audi radio . Thanks again.