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  1. needle

    IT9 livethread

    Nice! This one came with a complimentary shower for the photographer. Thanks for the sacrifice. Turned out well
  2. needle

    IT7: Livethread

    Vielen Dank für ein awesome Wochenende! It was great to see so many familiar faces even though my last Ice Track was back in 2011, if I remember correctly. In the process of having the time of my life, I think I've figured out how to drive the BRZ on ice and snow. The highlight was clearly the grippy snow tracks of Sunday morning, where controlling the car seemed to be no effort at all compared to the super slippery tracks of Saturday afternoon. Snowy roads are clearly what the BRZ loves! Very Special Thanks to the Porsche who helped us make this a driving event instead of a shovel dig
  3. Jari brought up a very important point for all of you who are driving a diesel powered car over to Finland. If you cannot get winter grade diesel fuel from your departure point, make sure your tank is quite empty when you enter the boat. Winter grade diesel can be stored down to -29C and should work down to -34C. If you only have summer grade diesel, you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO START YOUR CAR ONCE IT COOLS DOWN, because the fuel will solidify! If you get to Finland with summer grade diesel in the tank, FILL IT UP IMMEDIATELY! Also, if possible, empty your water separator and clean your fuel fi
  4. Something OT that might be interesting for you: Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.com - Helsinki's battle with the snow
  5. Someone's been looking at my Facebook updates I see I'm so happy that the track day was not canceled this time... The video you've seen was filmed at around 1700 - 1730 after which I gave up as I was the last one driving around the track at the time. The blizzard got so heavy, that my lights no longer penetrated it which means I lost visual of my brake points, which is slightly unnerving when doing ~160 km/h before the 180 degree turn... In addition, the snow covered the icy patches, which meant I had no idea where I'd have grip or not... I found this out while putting the car tail first into
  6. We now have 53cm of snow in Helsinki and it is a mild -15C outside with a mildly chilly wind from the east at 11m/s. I'm so happy to have 4wd... Got out of this one without needing to dig myself out (had some trouble getting in the car though ): Nicht unterstüzter Browser | Facebook
  7. Hmm... Since some of you will be going back to Lempivaara in the evening on Sunday, me/we don't have to be sober until the evening on Sunday... Sounds like a plan to me... Nothing beats standing around marshaling in horizontal sleet rain while having a hangover! And btw. I've just purchased a Vholdr ContourHD 1080p + accessories, which means one more camera available (it'll do 1080p@30fps and 720p@60fps).
  8. I can tell you something... I've been testing this setup: Nicht unterstüzter Browser | Facebook And I'm quite sure that and a game due to be released on 3rd of November will find their way to Lehmonkärki Guitars will also be there (of course) But... That was not one of things I got excited about at lunch And I've booked the whole weekend, so Friday to Sunday I'll be able to enjoy your company!
  9. Hallo aus Finnland! Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, also werde ich in Englisch statt zu schreiben. Me (Mikael) and the rest of the guys are really looking forward to seeing you all next year! Let's hope we can improve from last year and make things even more exciting this time! We have some preliminary plans already, but if some of these things come to reality, I'm sure we'll be able to offer something even more thrilling than last winter... See you in February!
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