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  1. Open Sky Schiebedach Probleme

    Merci ! I just checked my OSS and apparently it locks fine ... but then only re-opens by approx. 20 cm. I guess the "null punkt" depends on the position where it broke and/or when I started to bring it back using the manual lever. I'll go to my Audi dealer with the Repairkit reference and stop polluting this great forum with my not-so German posts. Tschüss for now
  2. Open Sky Schiebedach Probleme

    That is great news (not as expensive as I would have thought in the first place). Let's hope that my Audi dealer will not be of the lazy kind, as I've read that some of them just propose to replace the entire roof... at least in France... This morning I managed to bring the roof back down using the manual 'lever'. It looked sealed but I will double check that it's locked as you mention. Do you by chance have the ref. number for this repair parts? That would help a lot. Again, many, many thanks for this input.
  3. Open Sky Schiebedach Probleme

    Hallo (I apologize for writing in English (and maybe for asking a question that has already been answered here). But I've tried to find a solution on French and English forums: no luck I've tried to read and understand the 18 pages of this thread... ouch... I used to speak a bit of German but couldn't really get a hint.) Here's my problem: when entering the highway, I tried to close my OpenSky. It started OK but suddenly, tak tak tak! Loud noises. I was driving at around 100 km/h. Now the front glass of the OpenSky seems to not be able to be 100% closed anymore. Looks like the gears/cable do not bring it back appropriately. I can bring it back to the front but the engine then runs alone and does not raise the last piece of glass appropriately... Any hint? Again, sorry and "viel dank" in advance.
  4. exhaust silencer = inox ??

    Thanks I will consider this option should I need to replace the silencer.
  5. exhaust silencer = inox ??

    Thanks! I had been advised by non-Audi drivers to make a small hole in the silencer to allow for the water to flow gently... I may leave it so then, and rely on the expected A2 parts reliability.
  6. exhaust silencer = inox ??

    Hallo (sorry for posting in english, aber Deutsch kann ich nicht mehr) Just wondering: do you know if the exhaust silencer of our A2s is made of inox or just a standard metal material. I'm asking because of the water that seems to stay in this part (autumn temperatures + short trips = dew = rost!)
  7. annoying beep when Concert II not tuned!

    Ouch. Is it that simple? I'd better run and try to hide... Stupid me. Vielen Dank
  8. Hi All! I am using an FM transmitter (Griffin iTrip Auto) between my iPod and Concert II. Sound quality is ok for me but the Concert II keeps thinking he's not properly tuned and constantly beep. Any idea on how to remove this beep? Thanks
  9. no more brakelights + abs/esp warning

    Bingo! It was only the switch. Total cost (diag tool, work, parts) = ca. 60€ inc. taxes
  10. no more brakelights + abs/esp warning

    Thanks Herbert. Good to read and learn from your experience. I hope it's "only" this... I'll post an update here hopefully tonight.
  11. no more brakelights + abs/esp warning

    Hello! Panic this morning. I first got the orange warning message stating that one of my brake light was dead. "Ok, I'll change it once at the office". But once arrived I realized that none of the 3 lights were working. "Ok, must be the fuse" Nope. Fuse OK. "Must be the contact under the brake pedal" I'm a bad mechanic, let's check it at the garage. 2 kilometers further, a christmas tree on the dashboard: ESP warning ABS warning Red braking system general warning (but the car still brakes ok). The technicians are not sure that they will have time to investigate / fix the problem today so I'm getting nervous. They "guess" it could be the contactor. Any idea?
  12. light white smoke (exhaust pipe) : normal ?

    Don't be sorry! Vielen Dank for your help!
  13. light white smoke (exhaust pipe) : normal ?

    Thanks for the details When you say "normal", do you mean "normal if I have a gasket problem" or "normal, no need to worry" ? Merry Christmas to you too!
  14. light white smoke (exhaust pipe) : normal ?

    Guten Morgen! I noticed recently that once the engine is hot, when I'm parking at the office after a ~20km trip, a visible white smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe of my 1.6 FSI. This white smoke never appears when the engine is cold. The coolant level seems ok. What do you think. Could it be only the dry but cold weather (+/- 0° ?). Any other clue ? (sorry for posting in english)
  15. nach Longlife Service 15000 Km intervall ?????

    That is just fine for me. I usually manage to find answers to my questions in the German posts, but just got stuck on this one. This forum is great and there's no reason to change anything just for some random English posts like mine.