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  1. Hi, I am from the UK and have a 2001 A2 1.2 tdi that was imported a few years ago now. I have a significant creak which comes from what I think is the ARB bushes when hitting imperfections in the road. The ARB links have been renewed but I think the fault lies with the bushes/ARB itself. I think it is a similar issue to the early standard A2 experienced (plastic collars snap on the bar releasing in lateral movement). My question is, do you know if there is a similar ARB bush Mod recommended for the 1.2 to the one recommended for the standard A2 model ARB, s
  2. Hi, do the seat elements with Waeco Part number MSH-50 work with the same NTC 10k ohm and 47khom widerstand listed in the wonderful guide? Sorry my German skills are bad! Thanks Rob.
  3. Hi, no it does not take it's time to start every time. Today, it has started straight away every time! I cleared the fault codes with my laptop yesterday like you said. I will wait to see if they come up again the next time it takes a long time to start! Thanks Rob.
  4. Hi, The symptoms I have are that very intermittently my 1.4 Benz will take a while to start - maybe 5-10 seconds of the starter turning over. It's never failed to start and runs perfectly fine once it has started. This has happened when engine is hot and cold. I did a diagnostic scan tonight and the faults it brings up are: 16588 - Injector: Cylinder 4 (N33): Circuit Malfunction P0204 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent 16586 - Injector: Cylinder 2 (N31): Circuit Malfunction P0202 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent 16585 - Injector: Cylinder 1 (N30): Circuit Malfunction P0201 - 35-10 - - - Intermi
  5. nuttinnew, Looks like you have the same 17 pin blue connector as my 1.4. I fitted cruise control to my 1.4 BBY this weekend (I used the cum cartec kit and was very impressed). You can go into the blue connector, however I decided to go straight into the ecu and take out the redundant pins coming from the blue connector. I used elsawin for wiring diagrams which will show you exactly which of the blue connector you need to go into or the corresponding pins on the ecu should you wish to go down that root . Cheers Rob.
  6. Hi, I don't mean to ask too much but would there be any chance of running the PDF instructions through an online translator (google's is good). Because the file has a password I cannot get it translated. If it is converted to a web page html document the whole document can be translated automatically using google chrome. Thanks. Rob.
  7. Hi, I recognize your name from the english OC! Which kit did you decide to go for then? And was your trip to Finland A2 related? Cheers Rob.
  8. Thanks for all your messages. I am going to go ahead and order the cum cartec kit and will let you know how I get on. Cheers. Rob.
  9. Thanks for your reply's. Does the cum cartec kit plug straight into the engine computer or into the blue 17 pin plug? That sounds really good if there is no need to solder. Thanks.
  10. Hello, Sorry! I would like to know if there is any advantage of the kufatec Cruise Control kit over the cum-cartec kit. The kufatec is 13 euros more expensive. Do they both use the same version stalk? I will be fitting to a 1.4 petrol engine (BBY). I know the pin codes connecting to the ecu which I listed in my previous post. Thanks Regards Rob.
  11. Hallo, Ich entschuldige mich im Voraus für meine arme Sprache. Ich bin Engländer! Ich möchte die Differenz zwischen dem Sperma wissen Cartec und KUFATEC GRA? Welche ist die beste? Ich bin passend zu einem 2003 1,4 BBY. Ich kenne die folgenden Pins: Pin 5 - Pin 6 - Pin 76 - 0,35 sw/ro Pin 2 - Pin 3 - Pin 75 - 0,35 bl/sw Pin 3 - Pin 4 - Pin 57 - 0,35 bl/ro Pin 4 + 7 - Pin 2 - Pin 38 - 0,35 ws Dank
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