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  1. Oh yes, i have 2 spare gangstellers. it was cheaper to buy those complete (used) than to buy the potentiometers on them separately, when i needed them. Solenoid looked normal. i did not bother to test it when it was replaced already. had to move on. While my A2 was waiting for me to start fixing it again, mouse had gotten in and chewed on the micro switch cables that are in the gear selector, so that for sure was giving errors, now soldered those and seems ok. BUT the gear selector potentiometer might be causing problems. as it does show T-MI when it should T-0. so it is
  2. Update2: So i figured out which solenoid is responsible for pushing down and decided to replace it. It took much less time than i anticipated and it was worth it as now it is working correctly and during the basic setting all the gears are shifted in correct order. But still getting RTFM 12. i suspect it is because of fail reading from gear select lever potentiometer so will take a look at that one now.
  3. Update: So i measured the resistance of all 4 solenoids and they are in check by the WIKI. Also i did switch places both upper solenoid plugs and test the basic setting and even then gangsteller was only pulling up never pushing down. So that would lead me to think that all is working except the gangsteller and that should be removed and replaced or repaired. BUT there is one small thing that could be worth noting - the gear selector lever potentiometer when in E or Tiptronic position is reporting that it is actually in T-Mi position, so not a correct reading. i tried to
  4. thank you for responding. i am certain that the hoses are connected fine because the gear lever is being pulled upwards and pushed in and out so pressure is ok. Rear light gets activated just fine, but because it is not pushing downwards even 2 times slides into R. And i already used those WIKI pages before looking for help here. So will have to pay closer attention to N286 and N287. i hope it is one of them gone and not the ECU as i have a few spare solenoids laying around. I saw that i can test them with resistance, so that will be my tomorrows job then.
  5. I hope you will not disqualify my post because of language, but yes, as you can see it is English. Where else to look for help with Audi if not with Germans... So i am on it again - to get my A2 3L on the road, the last try. Had to repair gearbox and ended up replacing with a good one. now all put together and i am stuck at basic settings. ECU does not throw any errors, measurements from pots are +/- in range, fluid in system is ok level and the accumulator holds pressure, also the battery has a charger connected and is a fresh one. The problem is that during basic setting the
  6. hei c_a. great to hear from you. The sleeve is intact, just as is the clutch disk and bearing. Actuator was ok when i did adaptation just before that short ride of ca 45km. Also now i can not test it as the gearbox is off the engine already. hei c_a. great to hear from you. The sleeve is intact, just as is the clutch disk and bearing. Actuator was ok when i did adaptation just before that short ride of ca 45km. Also now i can not test it as the gearbox is off the engine already.
  7. Dear audi fellows in Germany, i understand this is German site, and do not mean to come rude but i simply can not write German so i will post in English. i hope it will not upset too many of you and maybe i will get some answer in the end. so, to the point. Since i bought my A2 1.2TDi many years ago already and it was my dream car back then. I still like the car as a model and am fascinated by the engine but my exact car has been still for most of the time i owned it. So last summer i did overhaul the gear actuator and adjusted all fine. in test drives was working fine. so i took i
  8. G240 potentiometer on my A2 3L is faulty and needs to be replaced it seems like a simple task - 2 bolts and basic setting BUT i have spent hours searching for the part numbers for this little poti with no luck. Please share a part number or knowledge where to buy one if you know.
  9. Hello. I have this A2 wih 1.2tdi engine for few weeks now. very satisfied with the car except one problem that should be sorted. While the car is relatively cold all goes well but on a highway it reaches only 100-105km/h in the 5th gear and no further acceleration. so the rpm sits little above 2000 and the consumption is displayed as 4l/100km. Even when it shifts down to 4th gear it does not ad much and speed rises to 110km/h not more. That is annoying, especially because here are no recognized A2 (especially 1.2tdi) specialists who could i trust to fix it. But that is not all, unfor
  10. Hello Dear 3L-ers - or in short FRIENDS I have owned a Lupo 3L in the past in around 2006 and loved the car. but had to sell it due to the well-known issue with gear shifting. Now in the recent week i have bought myself a Lupo 3L and Audi A2 1.2TDi again and am willing to choose one that will stay with me. the other one will be sold further on. I have read many times that Lupo is converted to manual gear shift and seems doable without a too big expense but i can not find info on the same conversion for the A2 model. Therefore i start my quest by asking you - do you know that it
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