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  1. MilkBoy

    ITX Livethread

    1:10 still to KdM, which should be our first stop.. so ~1½ hours behind you then
  2. MilkBoy

    IT8 Livethread

    Shared album - Michael Wikberg - Google Photos packed and ready to go Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  3. MilkBoy

    IT7: Livethread

    Anyway, I uploaded the pics my wife (mostly) took to the owncloud, or rather, some of them. I tried to remove the most out-of-focus and otherwise low quality pics, so only 407 remained
  4. MilkBoy

    IT7: Livethread

    Nein, Michael und Mikael
  5. Actually, it's already hidden somewhere in cmpbtb's car along with some other quite normal camping stuff
  6. Suppose nobody with VCDS has some time to spare (somewhere around the Helsinki area) before you leave? Or did everybody leave already?
  7. nice. We only ate @Hesburger
  8. Mmm. 85 according the car, or GPS? The Octavia RS could not handle 82 (gps speed), but 79 == no problem
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