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  1. I decided on the atb after I killed my first gearbox although traction is fine in the dry it’s in the rain where it shows most and now with 100 more horses it’s definitely needed as uncontrollable when you plant the throttle to the floor , in the dry she’s a right beast and 0 to 60 cough cough 100 is scary quick , just got rebuild a gearbox now , I’ve two and having tough choices at moment as one I’ve been using pulls to 150mph in sixth just off redline and I liked the gear ratios , the other one I have is fhm and working on gear charts it’s around 185mph on the redline 🧐🤐
  2. No real updates as just been driving her to her limits and beyond trying to brake stuff, installed race injectors and she turned into this scary monster and a real handful to drive in damp weather as just spins her wheels and launches herself all over the road and a right handful to control , new suspension and atb arrived just waiting on a clutch now so I can strip and rebuild a gearbox and hopefully be on her final shake down very soon. Teaser video in the damp before I fitted her upgraded injectors IMG_1693.MOV
  3. Latest upgrades FIS CONTROL UPRATED AND STRONGER ENGINE AND GEARBOX MOUNTS I used an old A2 axle for parts as the mounting bush holder and washer set up seemed the perfect answer to my movement issue , on extreme sharp cornering and roundabouts I found the original A2 gearbox mount was not up to the job and the whole engine was moving sideways too much causing further issues to cv joints and contact between engine and gearbox to chassis rails. Hence my upgrade , after reading a post hear on the forum I decided to purchase and instal the fis control as like
  4. Update on my Ccv mod installed on my 1.9conversion , “crank case ventilation” After 3 thousand miles I’ve found it to be a great upgrade and not one drop of oil is getting sucked into my engine through the boost pipes which are still spotlessly clean so now I can recommend it to all Tdi owners and not just for heavily modified engines. As you can see from my pictures the pro vent has separated a small quantity of oil over the last few thousand miles keeping all my boost pipes and intercooler free of the normal oil mist we gets on our Tdi ‘s and well worth the cost and effort to fit
  5. Latest Progress well she’s a real handful to say the least , 0 to 60s amazing and from 60 to 130 mph she’s no slouch and just keeps pulling like a train in any gear to redline, and that’s with her undersized injectors as still not fitted her firads Ive Killed my first gearbox 😂 So stripped again for a new one and time for upgraded engine and gearbox mountings as found under spirited driving like you’d stole her the engine was moving sideways in the engine bay to much and when cornering sharp bends the weight transfer was moving the engine over and nipping the driveshaft cv joi
  6. Added a video of a hill climb on Tickover to show how much torque the 1.9 engine has 👌 IMG_1026.MOV
  7. Single din dash out and retrofits wires brought through firewall and wired up, headlight washers , washer fluid level sensor , alarm air horns , webasto coolant pump, webasto, heated washer jets ,new dis fis cluster installed , mileage corrected and paired to original cars chassis number and ECU and immobiliser. Double din dash reinstalled 👌 ive purchased a new double din climate panel with heated seats and will have my single din climate unit for sale as in picture it’s near on perfect condition , feel free to pm me If anyone’s interested as postage worldwide is no problem at all.
  8. Hi would anyone have a left hand drive door switch for alarm disable and anti hijack that they would sell and post to the Uk. part number 8Z1 962 107 Item 12 in the photo thanks in advance
  9. Thankyou Seb ive some 5 mm thick x 50mm 316 stainless for the top edge and plan run it across the top edge and to shape it in on the sides and curves along the top edge then buff to a chrome like finish. the oem swan neck clashed the votex valance so I junked the removable hitch and bracket that it locks into and found a suitable witter bolt on type Swan neck that fitted perfectly as in drop down from the mounting bolts and the swan neck shape to give plenty of clearance. I made a full stainless system with 100 cell racing cat and there actually Ducati motorcycle Te
  10. Few more photos of the front grill and modified rear number plate surround
  11. Boost pipes finally tig welded , cleaned up with hydrochloric acid and buffed up , pressure tested for leaks at 40psi , milkador m5 hose clamps and silicon joiners throughout, installed and further tested for any leaks and refitted my front bumper with vortex , just my ccv mod using a pro vent 200 left under the bonnet now and new dipstick when it arrives ta do list left ,, retrofits wiring inside and wet flat all the body panels ready for her respray
  12. Finally got my boost pipes all cut and tacked together , this time I’ve gone for 2mm ish thickness as the issues I had with the 0.7mm tubing they took an age to get all the angles for route correct then sanding the faces on a wet stone for perfect fit for tig welding together , also gone up a size from 51mm to 54mm id so she can flow more boost and if I ever want to upgrade her for 300+ horses , some go to 57 or 60 mm id but stuck to middle of the road as seemed better for my needs and less restrictive than my previous ones
  13. A2 1.4 tdi engines only use the tandam pump on the engine to pump fuel , they dont have a fuel pump in the tank , where the 1.9 tdis have both , hence using the fsi wiring and relay , as it primes the pump on opening the drivers door ect and compatible with our A2s wiring , its also why i used the mk2 fabia ecu as has the same glow plug wiring as my original 90 tdi , only hickup ive left is the aircon as not the same as the fabias , so when ac turned on the engine ecu doesnt know at present so does not increase the rpm on tickover, , ile try to solve that when i swap the dash out to double d
  14. Bigfella ,, not much too update really just fettling a few teething problems after shakedown and getting ready for her respray. i actually used a 2008 fabia 1.9 vrs ecu and engine loom to get her running and recoded the ecu to match my A2 so the immobiliser works as it should , i used an fsi fuel pump relay and wiring using a golf tdi tank sendor and pickup with fuel pump as the fsi fuel pump is too high a pressure for diesel. Nagah, Thankyou , was a mission to make but not as complicated as my first set of boost pipes , soo many angles and bends lol, 0.7mm stainless wa
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