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  1. Few more photos of engine and gearbox mounts and front crash bar Half welded up for trial figment of the fmic and bumper figment , engine build , one off stainless GTB manifold , drive shafts cut down to correct lengths joiner machined over sized so shafts heated and plug frozen to join then tig routed and fully welded
  2. its the same flywheel just newer , part number superseded
  3. 045105273 is from a newer engine 2008 , still compatible as its from the bms 1.4 tdi , its also advisable to replace the flywheel bolts as they come with thread lock applied N 90206103 hexagon bolt M10X1X19,5 x 6
  4. Moderator: @eisdieler is looking for such a part for reproduction, or to find a matching other part. If you can send yours pls. get in contact via PN. The Basar is not the place to post conversations. Thanks, Michael
  5. If you do go ahead with the conversion to smf make sure you leave the alloy spacer out do not refit as not needed !!
  6. Nyhahahahhahahaha that tickled me i like that saying haha trailer queens , I have several A2s and they all get used as my daily driver or family and friends borrow as they do from time to time , just retired my fsi well parked her up at mothers for a few months while my 1.2 tdi is stretching her legs again until i finish my final few tweaks with my intercooler and some wiring then my 1.9s off for weighing and an appointment with VOSA to be checked and then my log book would be updated with her new weight and engine capacity and on to shake down once she's through her mot
  7. 045 105 243 C https://audi.7zap.com/en/rdw/audi+a2/a2/2005-248/1/105-105010/#7 item 7 there is no need to change pulley it seems, i cant remember now why we changed pulleys as several yrs ago when we did the first conversion from dmf to smf
  8. I’ve always used a second hand flywheel from a AMF donor engine I also used the amf vibration dampener pulley from the donor engine as presumed they were different but on the Elsa parts diagram it shows the same dampener pulley is used on all three variants the amf bhc and atl but I’d suggest double checking yourself just to be 100%
  9. Thankyou that’s appreciated Nagah. yes for fun as you put it as im a bit of A2 addict, but imagine she would be my main daily driver and cover the most miles but they all have there own merits and characters and always swapping between my A2s
  10. 045 105 269 flywheel AMF,BHC my prefered clutch kit for a remapped tdi is the uprated Sachs Performance Clutch Kit - 3000951092-S otherwise the Valeo, luk rep set or standard sachs clutch kit are good options 02A 141 180 A guide sleeve 012 141 741 retaining spring 02A 141 777 B ball stud examine and replace if any wear 02J 141 719 C clutch operating lever 085 311 113 shaft oil seal
  11. Thankyou yes I had to make custom engine and gearbox mounts and also made the main engine holder by the camshaft in two pieces so it can be disassembled for cam belt changes , if not the whole engine would need removing , I shall add some more photos and of the mountings although it was trial and error and many tweaks with a prototype until it fitted satisfactory with clearance all round the engine bay.
  12. No problem at all if you need any more just ask my advice if you have the Tdi 90hp is to throw the dmf away and fit a AMF flywheel and dampener pulley on the end of the crankshaft and use the amf clutch kit , I have fitted 4 of these now replacing the dmf and know of another 2 owners who have gone this route and to be honest there is little difference in layshaft vibration and the amf clutch would be much better and longevity too as they can last 200,000 miles plus , if you do go this route just leave out the alloy spacer between the engine and gearbox
  13. Only numbers I could find on the dmf also a photo of what could happen if you continue running with a faulty dmf
  14. I have a few atl dual mass flywheels and could take some photos for you tomorrow, personally I tend to junk the dmfs and convert to solid mass flywheel as much more reliable as seen too many blown atl engines with conrods through the block from faulty dmfs
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