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  1. I’ve actually tried to Quattro an A2 but afraid got stopped in my tracks due to the major structural changes needed for the rear prop output shaft and chassis sections that are in the way , without major redesign and reinforcement for the sections needing chopping out for the prop shaft it would seriously weaken the body shell hence why I stopped and went a different route with twin Kawasaki ZZR1200 bike engines one up front and plans for another in the back for twin engined four wheel drive , I had a escort RS turbo limited slip differential converted to chain drive and mated to the back of the bike engine and front engine in the front of one my breakers a few yrs back but progress halted due to family , life and other projects 🤪
  2. Looks like your getting on well there , I’m in envy of all you left hand drive owners doing the conversion as so much easier with all the brake master cylinder and steering rack the other side as causes headaches on uk right hand drive cars when it comes to turbos and getting engine position spot on. Good luck getting her completed but will warn you the last 5% to finishing always takes 95% of the time. Look forward to seing her finished and another 1.9 on the roads 👌👌
  3. Sorry but I’m not sure , it’s a tough call as such , problem being is all cars and models fuel tanks differ in size and shape so I’ve no way in knowing if one from another car manufacturer even though still vag and from the vag parts bins would have different dimensions, without having both assembly’s in hand to measure the depth of how far it goes into the tank it’s impossible to say , hence why I went the fsi route as knew it’s fully compatible with my diesel model , but saying that a 32L tank fuel level sender unit differs from a 42L tank as the wiring changed and the sender unit for fuel level reads backwards if you fit the wrong one from an early model to a late one or vice versa
  4. Teaser shot of the new spoiler , still needs fettling before final bonding onto the front bumper
  5. I used the tank canister float assembly and wiring , fuel pump relay from an Audi A2 1.6 fsi , i then swapped the fuel pump out of the assembly to a diesel one from a Fabia vrs as the pump fuel pressure is different from petrol to diesels , by using the fsi relay and wiring it’s fully compatible and can be wired in the same as the fsi using the original wiring diagrams for pin outs of the relay and where each wire needs to be connected. so when the drivers door opens the pump primes , fuel gauge is as original so no issues with incompatibility and incorrect fuel gauge readings , hope that helps but feel free to ask for any help if needed , obviously much easier for me if you ask in English but google translate is no problem regards Gary
  6. And my final update is for more downforce as found my beastie got very light 130mph upwards and rather twitchy in side winds when at full chat 150mph so with her longer ratio gearbox going in and three stage noz to help higher gears and terminal speed around 180mph I’ve been working on a side project to add more downforce , I’ve used a genuine votex kit as the basis and used a 2017 Merc AMG spoiler and grafted the both together , I’ve spent months fine tuning and making the spoiler and now finally finished and have made a mould from this so I can go into production of these at some point in the future but still have plans to enlarge the votex boot spoiler to fit the larger fsi spoiler and add extra aero foils to the votex sills to aid in more downforce along with a modified rear splitter to add to the votex rear valance. So far I’m so so happy with the outcome of my front spoiler and can’t wait to find time to get the rest of the spoilers made so my beastie keeps her feet on the ground at high speeds.
  7. I’ve also had another batch of one off custom flywheels made so the 02m six speed gearbox can be fitted to the 1.4tdi these are custom made weighted and machined out of balance to perfectly match the AMF flywheel so six happy owners are going be upgrading to six speed soon a couple also went for uprated clutch plates too as be pushing big horses with upgraded turbos and wearing gtd1449s fully built with billet wheels and ceramic cartridges and perfect upgrade for the 1.4 Tdi
  8. Time for my latest update as been so busy lately I’ve not had a chance too, I’ve assembled a huge amount of new parts and awaiting my engine block and pistons to come back from the machine shop before further progress can be made but at least everything is ready now for the final push atb has been installed, not by me but a mate took it to work so she got pampered in the Mercedes F1 factory ? at least I know it’s more than spot on, even made good progress with my new turbo manifold as got a mammoth GTD turbo to go on her although getting the 3inch down pipe through between the firewall and steering racks going be a mission , thinking even the firewalls going need a tweaking with a blow torch and rubber mallet to give clearance for the turbo as huge compared with my gtb I previously had on.
  9. Time for another update as been so busy in life lately not much has happened until the last few weeks when Beastie started getting her new round of upgrades, newer generation GTD turbo , downsized my 323mm brembos to 288mm willwoods and new heavily uprated clutch to handle all her new horses as be around the 400bhp mark for now ? ive also started collecting parts for conversion number 2 and another PD150 engine and gearbox sourced along with a mountain of parts to build another for a good friend so eventually there’s going be another Jigsawed A2 terrorising the planet ??
  10. I decided on the atb after I killed my first gearbox although traction is fine in the dry it’s in the rain where it shows most and now with 100 more horses it’s definitely needed as uncontrollable when you plant the throttle to the floor , in the dry she’s a right beast and 0 to 60 cough cough 100 is scary quick , just got rebuild a gearbox now , I’ve two and having tough choices at moment as one I’ve been using pulls to 150mph in sixth just off redline and I liked the gear ratios , the other one I have is fhm and working on gear charts it’s around 185mph on the redline ??
  11. No real updates as just been driving her to her limits and beyond trying to brake stuff, installed race injectors and she turned into this scary monster and a real handful to drive in damp weather as just spins her wheels and launches herself all over the road and a right handful to control , new suspension and atb arrived just waiting on a clutch now so I can strip and rebuild a gearbox and hopefully be on her final shake down very soon. Teaser video in the damp before I fitted her upgraded injectors IMG_1693.MOV
  12. Latest upgrades FIS CONTROL UPRATED AND STRONGER ENGINE AND GEARBOX MOUNTS I used an old A2 axle for parts as the mounting bush holder and washer set up seemed the perfect answer to my movement issue , on extreme sharp cornering and roundabouts I found the original A2 gearbox mount was not up to the job and the whole engine was moving sideways too much causing further issues to cv joints and contact between engine and gearbox to chassis rails. Hence my upgrade , after reading a post hear on the forum I decided to purchase and instal the fis control as like all the functions available and must say I’m really impressed so far ? IMG_1446.MOV
  13. Update on my Ccv mod installed on my 1.9conversion , “crank case ventilation” After 3 thousand miles I’ve found it to be a great upgrade and not one drop of oil is getting sucked into my engine through the boost pipes which are still spotlessly clean so now I can recommend it to all Tdi owners and not just for heavily modified engines. As you can see from my pictures the pro vent has separated a small quantity of oil over the last few thousand miles keeping all my boost pipes and intercooler free of the normal oil mist we gets on our Tdi ‘s and well worth the cost and effort to fit imho parts used universal pro vent 200 , latest type with pressure valve 2 meters 19mm id SAEJ20R3 hose I used various constant tension spring clips I had from various A2s I’ve parted out but jubilee clips would be just as good cost was ~£16 for the provent , £6.22 for the hose so a very cheap instal with great benifits as no longer have any oil vapour entering my inlet tract , boost hoses or intercooler
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