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  1. Hello I bought this, installed carefully but it doesn't function. Did you ever seen a kit like this one? Hope you'll can help me. PS: a friend of mine saied to me he could try to make a modified magnet to solve the problem.
  2. Trust you. Just am newbie. So I am worried about not to treat the car in the right way and not to respect it as it was conceived
  3. Hello everyone! At first, thank you very much for all the infos into this wonderful forum. I would never find lots of details anywhere else! Now it's been more than a month I drive my miniaturized A8. This nice old owner saied to me before the sale she mounted new brake pads, distribution complete maintenance. I just mount by myself a new high amperage battery, and in the while noticed that The Goodyear Vector Four Seasons G2 were quite new. Probably the merit is mainly by "175/65" "... in the middle of the valley 18.5 km / l. In any case, I bought a set of 16 "Original five-arm
  4. Ciao Lasciami entrare nella tua lista, per favore. One piece.
  5. now you all cannot pretend you didn't understand
  6. sorry for my bad German. I think now it is clear! After this embarassant off topic, just to let you understand this local friendly popular saying, I believe we can restart to talk only about our beloved A2|
  7. Probably it is better if I write here in english, to avoid misundertandings. My dream has always been to own an A2 with an Exclusive color. I decided to buy it because it is the car of my old professor of Latin. Now she is 94 years old and has stopped to drive a few months ago. She wanted to give it as gift to her 21-year-old bis nephew. This stupid girl said she was disgusted and bought a new Mini Cooper with her father's money. My teacher was very sad about this and I was at her home: I said that the car was beautiful and I wanted to buy it. I spent 2700 euros (100 more
  8. Il mio sogno è sempre stato un A2 con un colore esclusivo. La decisione è presa nel canto nel mezzo del latino. Ora ha 94 anni e ha smesso di guidare qualche mese fa. Voleva darlo a lei, 21 anni, nipote. (fino al nipote) Era disgustata e ha comprato una nuova Mini Cooper con i soldi di suo padre. La mia insegnante era molto triste per this e io ero a casa: ho Detto Che la macchina era carina e Volevo comprarla. Ho 2700 euro. Sono stati spesi 100 euro e lo è stato corretto ed è stato molto bello vederla sorridere Ora voglio sapere se critichi questa macchina e il suo colore
  9. Dieser Workshop arbeitet zu 50% für Alfa Romeo und Subaru WRX, die von der Polizei genutzt werden. Im übrigen restaurieren sie Oldtimer und Youngtimer aller Art. (Der neue Opel Adam stammt von der Frau der Chefwerkstatt).
  10. Es ist ein 1.4 16V 2001 mit 82.000 Km. Die Mechanik ist perfekt. (Hier im Bild warten auf die Werkstattchecks). Ich werde mich um einige Details kümmern und die original 16 "6" - Räder montieren.
  11. Hallo. Ich habe den ganzen Thread mit Interesse gelesen. Ich frage Sie, ob Sie an Informationen zu Nachrüstprodukten für EV-Kits in Italien interessiert sind. Es gibt Firmen, die mit historischen Autos (auch mit dem VW Käfer) angefangen haben und versuchen, die Balance zwischen Originalgewicht und Kofferraumgröße maximal zu respektieren. Das Original-Schaltgetriebe, die Kupplung und das Schwungrad bleiben erhalten. Hier ist die Gesetzgebung für diese Art von Arbeit sehr freundlich. Die Kosten und der Zeitpunkt der Genehmigung sind sehr niedrig und schnell. Entschuldigung für mei
  12. At first let me introduce myself to you all. I live in Bologna, Italy, my name is Luca, 47 yo. I'm bald but with mustache and hate purée. The meaning of my nick comes from an old local popular saying: you are pleasant and simpatethic like a cat attached to my testicules (literally browns, like chestnuts). Hi to all! I am scanning my local market to find a benzin A2 -my love-. Preferably a 1.4 16V. I need to find any website/catalog with the real colour setting interior/exterior of A2 models and special series too. It's very important because I noticed
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