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  1. 1.2 TDI - Krach! - Noise like ABS

    You're right, If I recall correctly I've had the right wheel bearing on my Lupo 3L also replaced and the part number is the same on the garage bill. You've paid a better price though. My garage wanted 113,30 for the same part.
  2. Eco button on 1,2 Tdi

    I've asked around at the 3L club and it seems that it depends on the building year. Earlier models have the old software which allows you to turn off the eco mode like you describe above. The later models are like the A2.
  3. Eco button on 1,2 Tdi

    I guess it must be a special feature on mine then
  4. Eco button on 1,2 Tdi

    Could this be different depending on the country? If I turned off the eco mode before turning off the engine and I would start the engine again it would be in the 61 HP mode and not in eco mode.
  5. Eco button on 1,2 Tdi

    It's not possible to turn off the eco mode at all? I'm looking around for an A2 3L and I'm curious about it. At the moment I drive a Lupo 3L and when I turn off the eco mode it stays off until I activate it again (even when I start the car).