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  1. ecoangeluk

    Audi A2 1,2 TDI problems

    Many thanks, I will try that!
  2. ecoangeluk

    Audi A2 1,2 TDI problems

    New test log data from VCDS also get fault code: Friday,11,May,2018,13:31:53:16965 VCDS Version: Release 18.1.0 (x64) Running on Windows 8 x64 Address 01: Engine Labels: 045-906-019-ANY.clb Control Module Part Number: 045 906 019 D Component and/or Version: 1,2l R3 EDC 0201DS 1452 Software Coding: 00005 Work Shop Code: WSC 02138 Additional Info: WAUZZZ8ZZ1N054052 AUZ7Z0A1840182 VCID: 162D340572C5D8F57F-4B18 1 Fault Found: 17964 - Charge Pressure Control P1556 - 35-10 - Negative Deviation - Intermittent Readiness: 0 0 X X X 20180511valvechangeCSV.CSV
  3. ecoangeluk

    Audi A2 1,2 TDI problems

    Vielen Dank Leute! So, 1. Rebuilt the N75 valve - no change 2. Bought new N75 valve and fitted - no change 3. EGR works great now it's all celaned up inside. 4. Checked the PD adjustment (max compression of PD spring with adjuster turned back 180 degrees) - all OK No smoke, car ticks over OK but Torsion (deg CF or KW auf Deutsch) a bit high around 6 Still over fuelling - poor around 7 litres/ 100km
  4. ecoangeluk

    Audi A2 1,2 TDI problems

    Hallo aus England! Leider hab ich probleme mit mein 2001 Audi A2 1,2 TDI. Es hat keine Kraft untem 2400rpm. Also, auf Englisch: The car went in to garage for PD injector clean and new seals - white smoke and stalling only when cold with Klima on. Other than that is was running great and returning 3l/100km regularly. Acceleration was no issue. It came back ticking over ok but was completely gutless / without power or torque. I ran VAGCOM/VCDS and found it underboosting below 2400 to 3000 rpm and using too much fuel - more than double. It's around 7 litres/100km at 100km/h and it struggles to get to that speed. I can post the VCDS log of rpm, fuel consumption, boost pressure and Injection quantity if interested. Any ideas much appreciated. I have already: 1. Checked all the vaccum side and solenoids 2. Swapped over turbo from another I had in stock (no jamming issues of VNT) 3. Run Molyslip Purge cleaner through the injectors from can. 4. Had a look under camshaft cover - the injetors seem OK but maybe 1 or 2mm slightly more to one side than normal. All the stretch bolts were replaced. 5. Checked & cleaned EGR and exhaust manifold. Best wishes Lukas 20180507CleanedInjStd.CSV
  5. Zin2003, " The fine dust is reduced by BEV because, in addition to the particulate matter's particu- larly harmful fine dust, a substantial part of the particulate matter is eliminated by braking. In addition: What is not produced can not be whirled up. " I have owned Audi A2 1,2 since 2002. So drive BMW i3 Bev. The BMW uses more energy from the socket. It says 3.8miles / kWh but it really is 2.5miles / kWh. This is a gently driven car that is not driven higher than 110km/h. It uses tyres much more than the A2 because of higher weight and higher torque. So overall it makes more particulate matter. The Hatfield a1m tunnel study revealed 70% of all roadside particulates are not from exhaust but from road contact. The bigger and heavier cars produce more particulates and use more energy. #vehicleobesity The i3 carries 250kg batteries, the Model S 750kg. A better idea is from Audi A2 designer : #riversimple
  6. ecoangeluk

    2002 1.4 AUA zu 2013 VW1.4 CGG?

    Ist das moeglich? What parts would be needed to run? ECU?
  7. ecoangeluk

    1.4 AUA, Bilstein B6, KAW Federn 50/30: Teile?

    Hallo, Happy Easter! the car must get wheel alignment now the suspension has been replaced - what settings for front Camber/Toe/Castor are needed with KAW springs 50V/30H and Bilstein B8V/B6H? MfG Lukas
  8. ecoangeluk

    1.4 AUA, Bilstein B6, KAW Federn 50/30: Teile?

    Vielen Dank! OK I got the VA B6 changed to B8 by Bilstein in UK. Now I just need to know about the PUR buffers. So it's ok to just use a dust cover on the VA? Then rears are 8z0 512 1316 (140mm) or 6q0 512 131b (123mm)? MfG
  9. Hallo folks, For the 1.4 AUA, I bought KAW 50/30 springs and Bilstein B8 VA and B6 HA. Also Febi Bilstein 13012 kit for VA which says it works for Audi A2 However I am stuggling to fit the Domlager with these PUR buffers - do I need them on VA with B8s? Or must they be modified? Also on HA - what amount needs to be cut away 20mm ? MfG Lukas
  10. ecoangeluk

    1.4 AUA, Bilstein B6, KAW Federn 50/30: Teile?

    A2 Forum - Einzelnen Beitrag anzeigen - HA oberes Federlager: dick/dünn?
  11. ecoangeluk

    1.4 AUA, Bilstein B6, KAW Federn 50/30: Teile?

    Bilstein B8 vorne und B6 hinten + K.W.A.50/30 - A2 Forum
  12. ecoangeluk

    1.4 AUA, Bilstein B6, KAW Federn 50/30: Teile?

    Bilstein B6 mit K.A.W. - A2 Forum K.A.W 50/30 mit Bilstein B6: Nagah hirsetier Bilstein B4 und KAW - A2 Forum
  13. ecoangeluk

    1.4 AUA, Bilstein B6, KAW Federn 50/30: Teile?

    Question: lowering a2 [Archive] - Audi A2 Owners' Club
  14. ecoangeluk

    1.4 AUA, Bilstein B6, KAW Federn 50/30: Teile?

    Thanks Bret, Alas the 1.4 Benziner is much lighter than the 1.4 TDI and 1.6FSI with KAW Springs so the displacement should be a lot less than those cars? There are several on the forum who have used B6 sucessfully with KAW Springs. Also KAW seem to use a version of the standard Shock absorber - not short like B8 for their own range? K.A.W. Sportfahrwerk Audi A2 günstig kaufen Schnelltreker mentioned using shorter ARB drop links a while ago from BMW? In any case which rear spring rubbers 4mm or 11mm?