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  1. Vielen Dank, Mankmil do you still have the conversion for the clutch actuator?
  2. Does anyone know if the "play" / movement in the clutch lever has any effect on gear selection? IS it something that needs replacement? See "9" and "13" below. MfG Moderator: Picture from parts catalog removed due to copyright reasons. Part #9: Release shaft Part #13: Clutch lever
  4. Thanks, Yes, looking at the zoomed in photo there is discolouration of the selector inner ring splines that appears to be overheating. The left shoulder (towards 3rd gear) of the selector outer ring is black. So the selection of 4th was OK, but the ring slipped too far towards 4th and when trying to go neutral or 3rd it actuated correctly but was blocked and caused lots of heat?
  5. Maybe one of the Sperstücke came loose before and it tilted the gear?
  6. Vielen Dank! OK, the needle bearing inside is intact and no wear. The gearbox was completely overhauled with new bearings about 20,000km ago. Yes it is hard to move the collar. Maybe the ring springs need replacement?
  7. Vielen Dank - my photos are after taking out of gearbox where the parts became mis-aligned during removal. I agree with your comments. However, never had a problem with 3rd gear only 4th - engagement ok then could not get out of gear.
  8. Hallo! OK I removed teh gearbox and managed to look inside - the 3/4 selctor fork is not broken. But it has some burn marks! Only tiny amount of metal swarf on magnet. No bearing damage. What could cause this? Maybe selector fork movement needs adjustment? MfG
  9. Replaced accumulator and selector ball jointed rod, topped up gearbox oil. The car drove perfectly for 10 mins until 4th selected on dual-carriage way at 80km/h. The same issue - 4th in speedo DIS but no drive and no change available except managed to get into N and coasted onto services. So think it must be selector fork.
  10. Danke schoen Mankmil I have not tried driving on 4th since the problem started. Maybe I should drain the oil completely and check the magnetic plug for damage. Do you have a repair for clutch actuator 6N0 142 063 A I replaced mine in 2012 but maybe this is again at fault.
  11. I agree with keeping A2 s going as long as possible #scrappingiswasteful however the EV conversion is too expensive at present. You can buy a 3 year old BMW i3 for much less. I have a 2001 benziner 1,4 that burned more oil than a diesel so replaced aua with euro 5 polo cggb 1390cc from 2015. We run the 1,2 TDI since 2002 now with 400,000km and still able to get 3l/100km In Finland they run diesels on #hvo made from waste not food for massive reduction in pollution and better economy.
  12. So took the end cover off and observed the selector fork changes whilst car stationary - doesn't appear to be a loose fork - maybe not broken or intermittent? I will try a new accumulator ( now over 50 gbp!) and gangstellar rod (20 gbp) - Price will probably go up again with brexit! I did notice some hydraulic fluid still seems to be leaking somewhere but all levels good. Then a new basic setting with vagcom. Here are photos:
  13. Doesn't need to "stink" -visit Finland - they run cars on HVO made from waste not food for much better economy and massive decrease in all emissions including NOx, PMs usw. We have 17 year old A2 3L and BMW i3 BEV but both consumer 24kWh/100km in winter. Overall the i3 has more to pay back to the environment especially for cobalt mining in DRC and higher road impact PMs from larger tyres and heavier mass.
  14. Vielen Dank Leute! Yes I bought the car in Deutschland in 2002. Now it has 241,000 miles / 400,000km and stil very good car - apart from the gear-change design! I checked the fluid in the car park last night - not real problems there (yes leakage is the most common 1,2 TDI issue for 3L Lupo and A2) So sadly it must me more mechanical as Mankmil suggests. Did you have it welded yourself? A big job to replace? I managed to get home OK without 4th. But will check under the car at the weekend in daylight. MfG