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  1. The `reference` Lupo with 200+ HP has injectors with bigger holes. This setup has some issues at idle which I'd like to avoid. Currently more power is not really needed. I simply need to find out how quick the car currently is. VVT fitted a 4pot flywheel, this was necessary to make the 400NM clutch setup fit. I am not aware of gearbox (`GRJ`) chatter; I do notice a small idle issue where the 'roudness' of the engine's rhythm can go to a two-step rhythm. A little throttle fixes this. A 1.9 engine will not have this issue I guess.
  2. I guess that info needs not to be shared openly. Think about a gen five turbo. Think about a custom downpipe. Think about the custom FMIC piping. Think about a 450Nm clutch and flywheel for 4-cylinder engine (required to make clutch work). Think about bigger brakes in the front on `fresh` fusees to allow the bigger size brakes. Think about the VNT converted (not A2) firmware for the ECU and the tune itself. Think about two weeks of work.
  3. Dunno about boost figures. Where can I find out about them? Would my UltraGuage be able to display boost pressure? Pics can be found in VVT's fakebook. FMIC was installed. Custom downpipe was installed.
  4. Nicht bestimmt, aber ich glaube dass ein A2-Anlasser verwendet wurde.
  5. After one week of mostly calm, quiet driving I can say that fuel consumption remains largely unchanged. Next week we'll drive a tiny bit quicker to see the impact on fuel consumption.
  6. The GTD1752VRK combined with 3-Cylinder PD TDI. Stock intake manifold. (no porting) This setup was not pushed to the max but tuned for fuel consumption and little smoke. Still quite a difference. The green lines show the stock setup. The red lines are showing the previous 'chip' performance. The blue lines show the GTD1752VRK setup's performance. Of course: VVT motorsport.
  7. Bei BNM mit GRJ (+6. Gang von CKR) brauchten wir auch ein anderen Anlasser. Schwungrad vom A2, Kupplung usw. auch von A2.
  8. Or could we consider a cheaper / 'simpler' (non-VNT) compound turbo setup? I.e.: one high pressure turbo for the quick spool up and a bigger low pressure turbo spooling up at higher rpms. If not worth the effort: please let me know.
  9. But it spools quicker than the stock turbo. We do not get that steep slope when e.g. go from 80 to 130 KM/h in fifth gear? The smaller turbo appears not to be available in ball-bearing configuration so it's slope might be less steep. So if the transient response if good enough for daily driving and perhaps not worse than the stock turbo I could live with it...
  10. Could a GTD 14xx be a better choice in that regard? Max power of course will be limited. (how much?)
  11. That Lupo might be this build https://3lvrienden.nl/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=2691 And this:
  12. We also received a tip about the GTD1752VRK with some fabulous dyno graphs from a souped up Lupo with 1.4 TDI. Big question: Would this turbo spool up faster than the stock turbo on the stock block? (not ported head, no water-air intercooler, etc) The graph shows my chipped BNM versus said GTD1752VRK setup in a Lupo.
  13. In PDF legenda and comments in email that contained the PDFs only GT1749V was mentioned, not VB. So I can only assume GT1749V... Legenda was stripped because of privacy.
  14. Here's the AMF versus AMF + GT1749V graph: And this is my BNM versus AMF + GT1749V As you can see is the BNM performing better below circa 2100 rpm. Also compare BNM to the chipped AMF in the top graph.
  15. Hmmm. What does an AMF have as a stock turbo? Same as BNM? In a graph that I got, a chiptuned AMF scores better for both torque and horsepower below 2100 rpm when compared to the same AMF with GT1749V with fresh chiptuning. At 1800 rpm my chiptuned BNM scored approximately in between the AMF and AMF with GT1749V when looking at both torque and horsepower. How can we explain this against the observations here? Different stock turbo's? Below is my `stock` BNM with chiptune:
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