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  1. If there was an event in June would it be in Germany or the Netherlands?
  2. lol. Yes it was a novel experience.
  3. I'll give that a go from a proper computer when I'm next near one. Thanks guys. James
  4. Could you email me a copy Bret
  5. Pity we couldn't make the meal afterwards. I'll keep dripping water on the stone for IT2018. James and Billy
  6. I agree it was a great weekend. Thanks Eric. It was great to be made to feel so welcome again. We look forward to JT2018 with Tuna and sweetcorn cider this time. Lol. James and Billy.
  7. No problem. Our pleasure. New flavours for next year! James
  8. Thanks for making us English guys feel so welcome. We enjoyed ourselves again this year's and will see you again for JT2018 James and Billy.
  9. The car is serviced, repaired and ready to go. By Thursday so will we. Looking forward to see you all again.
  10. 16. jp.oog 2 x Friday (bowling)/ 2x B / 2 x BBQ (meat) / 2 x museum. 2 meal - 74 E.
  11. jp.oog

    englischer A2

    I'm very proud of my A2. Looking forward to meeting you all again at JT 2017. James
  12. Nupi, Tatzino, Ingo, Chalet+, Hund nein, Besonderheiten: Hier gibt's Möbelpollitur:jaa: Papahans, Audi Monika, Chalet 1904, Hund nein, Besonderheiten: Wir freuen uns Schreib- & Schraubnixx, sowie Schraubfixx, Lodge 1161; Besonderheit: freu Tichy, Anna, madcek, durness, Chalet 1905; Besonderheit: bis jetzt nix Cabriofahrer DZ Tulip Inn der kleine Hund ist erlaubt daniel_calibri, Vicos_Frauchen, Tulip Inn; Besonderheit: mit Vico VikArt & Freundin, Lodge 1162; Besonderheit: muss noch Urlaub beantragen wir freuen uns schon A2-s-line, morgoth, HellSoldier, nme o. MissJinx,
  13. We now have a chalet booked. See you guys in June.
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