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  1. What are the real differences between these two gearboxes? As pointed out by @Mankmil here there is a stronger differential and return wheel in the FLE, but how much stronger? Is is it worth spending extra money and time to get a FLE instead of a DSK? These are very nerdy questions, and info is really hard to come by.
  2. Yes, changed it about 500km ago. Put in about 2,9-3L, the knocking sounds where there before the oil change. No strange colours or metallic fragments.
  3. Greetings fellow enthusiasts! A hard metallic knocking sound has presented it self when changing gears while driving, it's consistent as it goes through gear 1-4 but almost quiet when switching into fifth. You can actually feel the gear changes (very noticeably) as the gangsteller switches between gears. I've done numerous gear adaptations, no play what so ever in the gangsteller linkage. The clutch, including the bearing only has 100 000km on it, the gearbox bushing (linking it to the subframe/pendulum support) has only 50 000km on it. The sound and feel when changing gears stationary is relatively quiet/subtle. If it would have been between a specific gear, say 2->3 I'd be guessing on a shift fork going bad for that specific gear, but as it's between 1-4 I can't really pinpoint the fault. Has any one come across this before? Might I have to put in a re-built gearbox? Please tell me I've ovelooked something very simple, humiliation is much easier to cope with then spending thousands of euros.
  4. I've just extracted the rear bushes on my 1.2TDI, no biggie. But as I measure the hole (on both sides), it's roughly 68mm wide and the new bushes are 72mm! Acoarding to ETKA there are only one set of bushes for 1.2/1.4/1.6, and when browsing ebay I can see that both SWAG and other manufacturers say that the bushes should be 72mm. Have I nog gotten all of it out? Is there something I'm missing? Or are the ones from third part manufacturers all wrong? PS: The old ones are ~67-68mm wide.
  5. After a few hours in the garage I've come to the conclusion that I have a small play in my differential. The right side has no play at all, but the left side has a few degrees of play (backlash). The question is, how much is OK? Can any one recall if they have any play at all on the left side? By this I'm reffering to that you can turn the drive shaft a few degrees before the gear box locks up and starts turning the other wheel.
  6. Nämen hej! I managed to find that part number plus this one; 8Z0407271AK I'm not really sure which one that really fits. But with a number it's much easier to get searching, though at around 2200sek (240€) plus postage I'm looking at around ~260€, when all I need is the tripod. Annoying ;P
  7. We are now three people over at the Swedish A2 forum looking for the inner tripod on the left hand drive shaft, for the 1.2 TDI. I've just read in the Wiki that you can't buy the tripod as a spare part and you have to replace the whole thing (which is probably expensive as hell?). We've searched ebay without any luck at all for some aftermarket part. Does anyone have any tips on where we can get the part?
  8. As both the 105G and 105E no longer sells, does the Bilstein FE1-D110 fit in the original front spring bearings or do I have to buy new ones?
  9. The knowledge that dwells within this forum warms my heart! Thanks so much for the help!
  10. I can find springs marked 171 411 105 G but not the last three digits. What does these regulate?
  11. Oh, is this a harder spring then the original? And will it fit the original front spring bearings? And am I correct to asume that the bilstein spring works with the original front spring bearing?
  12. 867 411 105 E seems to be very hard to find. Is there any place that still supplies them?
  13. Aha, awesome! Then I'll order the bilstein shocks together with the front springs you recomended. Will report back in a couple of weeks with the result. Are there any good "heavy load" REAR springs that work? It is a type of spring that does not compress as easy as regular springs.
  14. So 867 411 105 E will fit perfectly to the bilstein VNE-4476 together with the original bearings? Is the ride stiffer, the same or softer then the original with 867 411 105 E?
  15. Reading the translated version (trough google) makes it a bit hard. Is this the best setup; Front shocks: Bilstein VNE-4476 Front springs: Bilstein FE1-D110 (or SPIDAN 48033) Rear shocks: BNE-A957 I've allready changed the rear springs. Does this make the card bumpier? Is there any alternatives with a smoother ride? And since I've very recently put in new spring bearings in the front for the original springs, do these still fit or do I need to replace them as well?
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