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  1. I noticed that around the EGR valve. I have oil remains and in some area have marks like oil spraying. Please take a look on the pictures. Do you think that my engine loose the boost pressure because of some gaps into the EGR valve or the reason is something else. Please be informed that I still driving the car with 4,8l average fuel consumption.
  2. I will try to make this test again when the weather condition is better. What I remember on VCDS (ECU => Measurement => Block 4 Value 4) shows 0.0. But I will check again.
  3. Finally I made my rolling test. I can't say that was in the best weather condition. It was a little bit strong side wind. But I made in the both direction and calculate average result. Please take a look over the file let me know what is the result and what is your opinion. Thank you. rolltest_EN_Audi_A2_1.2tdi_BG.xls
  4. Hallo, Ich möchte nochmal nach der Hydraulikpumpen-Demontage und der Reparaturanleitung fragen. Ist es irgendjemand Erfahrung mit diesem Teil?
  5. Thank you very much for instruction and for the file as well. Can you tell me which group is the best to use for the speed measurement with VCDS? May I use the time frame from the VCDS as I will save a log file durring the test? And another question. When I examined the file , inside i saw 18 measurements with different start speed. I have to do it in the same way or only one meassurement 120-0km/h is enough. Enclosed I sent you the English version of this file. Probably it will be helpfull for someone else who doesn't speak German. rolltest_EN.x
  6. Dear Frends, I still haven't chance to check the car rolling/driving resistance. But I found the right road for this test. Unfotuntely it is about 2 hour driving from me. Can you tell me again from which speed I have to start and to stop 0km/h? Thank you.
  7. I live in the mountain, and in the our area the roads with same altitude is not so much. How do you this will invove to clutch learning process? What have with car that the creep point is come faster and when I drive off and switch from 1 to 2 gear you can feel shake from this quick engagement of the clutch. The same with the car with manual gear box if you pull quick you leg from the clutch pedal.
  8. Good evening, How much the field 1 in group 25 is relevant for good creep point?
  9. Are you sure? I pass more than 30km and didn't see so much difference.
  10. I'm agree what Mankmil propose. I think we should start with way. Can somebody confirm that he did two or three basic setting with modi KNZ and he had the same good result all time? Base on this we can think, why this way is workable? What I inderstood that durring basic setting the gear controler build the basic point and namely open clutch position 4V.
  11. I know this procedure but when is already done. I mean on 25 filed 3 is 0. What I understood in this case this learning process is finnish.
  12. I understood already that is better to flowing not to be stable and knoking. I hope that you are understood me. I want to know which is the clear setup procedure for modified KNZ to don't have this problem after Basic setting procedure. To be honest now after many Basic setting and assembling and disassemblig of the KNZ I succeeded to have flowing KNZ in N gear procedure. But my creep setting procedure isn't pass very well because I have to much creep now. And because I have to repeat this procedure and this is only possible after basic settings. What I have to make to
  13. I understood what you mean. But when I have new clutch and I expected it to be worn durring the time, from which value is good to start. And why when I make basic seeting after this the value for open clutch is 4V and I have this knoking problem. if the begining is 1.9 it should calculate 3.9V not 4 volts just to keep this 2V difference.
  14. Wie viel nach den Grundeinstellungen wird die KNZ Voltige, wenn ich in den Anfang 1.6V gesetzt? Ich möchte Ihnen mitteilen, dass ich eine neue Kupplung installiert habe und vor einigen Wochen.
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