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  1. Audi A2 3L

    8Z0813941B Halter für die Anhängerkupplung

    I am interested in these parts also. Does anyone make them yet? MG
  2. Audi A2 3L

    Audi A2 3L Project

    Ahah... thank you that is what I needed to see! Now that I can see that the 3L still has the plastic tubes... I know what the problem is. Thank you
  3. Audi A2 3L

    Audi A2 3L Project

    Hmmm, the bolt heads face upwards on my A2 and that is straight into the body... how do you loosen them? MG
  4. Audi A2 3L

    Audi A2 3L Project

    I am now driving my A2 3L everyday and love it! However I have some suspension noise from the front. I am slowly replacing parts. I would like to replace the front anti-roll bar bushes - but it looks like I have to lower the front subframe to do this... is this correct? MG
  5. Audi A2 3L

    A2 1.2 Tdi / Lupo 3l Damper Upgrade/KONI fsd

    Ok great thank you, that shows me the main difference. The A2 3L looks just like the Lupo 3L. Is it possible that they use the same shock absorber? MG
  6. Audi A2 3L

    A2 1.2 Tdi / Lupo 3l Damper Upgrade/KONI fsd

    Thank you for your quick reply Ok, do you have any photos of the attachment design please? I realise that the damping rate may be higher than the 3L is used to but I would prefer this. Of course... the 3L original shock absorbers are nice and light But they are also not strong enough for me MG
  7. Audi A2 3L

    A2 1.2 Tdi / Lupo 3l Damper Upgrade/KONI fsd

    Can anyone tell me what is the difference between the normal A2 shock absorbers and the A2 3L shock absorbers please? Why don't they fit? Thanks MG
  8. Audi A2 3L

    Audi A2 Anhängerkupplung

    Wie der Titel besagt, bin ich auf der Suche nach einem Audi A2 Anhängekupplung. Hat jemand einen zum Verkauf? Original Ausrüstung oder Aftermarket. Danke
  9. Just need the strap and some heat shields. I'll probably use the 1.4TDi exhaust system. MG
  10. I have just bought a 42 litre tank and will fit this to my A2 3L in the UK. What is required to allow the instrument cluster to accept the 42 litre tank updated range? Thanks MG
  11. Audi A2 3L

    Audi A2 3L Project

    An update... I managed to test my ECU in another A2 3L... the faults suddenly appeared in his car too!! So I bought a replacement ECU. Once this arrived, it was fitted and the system started to wake up The solenoid block was also faulty (I haven't stripped it down yet) so I have borrowed one from a friend with a Lupo 3L who has converted his car to manual. Tomorrow is for the MOT and then I start driving it every day MG
  12. Audi A2 3L

    Audi A2 3L Gearbox ECU Part No: 6N0927735D

    Wanted ugently Audi A2 3L Gearbox ECU Part No: 6N0927735D 07989 333437 or MG
  13. Audi A2 3L

    Audi A2 3L Project

    Update: I received a spare hydraulic setup (complete) from a fellow 3L owner in the UK. Last night I swapped over everything... but one part at a time and tested each time. 1) I swapped the pump unit over - no change 2) I swapped the clutch actuator over, set it to 1.95v and retested - no change 3) I swapped the G240 sensor over (I have previously changed the G239 sensor without any change) and - no change 4) I swapped the solenoid block (gangsteller) over - no change. After there are no other components to change, I am now looking for an ECU. Does anyone have an Audi A2 3L ECU available? Part No: 6N0927735D 07989 333437 or Thanks MG
  14. Audi A2 3L

    Audi A2 3L Project

    I took a video of this exactly last night. You can see it here: The clutch sensor voltage is readying 1.95v. It does not change if you unplug the pump or plug it back in. The voltage changes when I move the clutch lever though. It goes down to 1.51v when I pull the cable and up to around 2.01v when I push the cable back in. This is while the clutch actuator is on the car. There is no hydraulic pressure to the clutch actuator. MG
  15. Audi A2 3L

    Audi A2 3L Project

    That's what I'm trying to do... MG