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    Nice car Uwe, make it a little higher for more fun
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    Ich verfolge dieses Thema für eine Weile, intressant.
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    ITXX Livethread

    Unfortunately on the way home. We have given the Christmas tree a nice place ? Marshmello brought back to the airport. Car driven on the train and back off in Helsinki where again there was no snow. Eat some local food quickly. Now on the way by boat to travemünde. And we hope that we have not contracted the Corona virus ?. bye bye friends , this was The last icetrack for my . Thanks everybody for all The fun All years ! Oh yes the sled ?? He has a new owner ?
  4. pocoloco

    ITXX Livethread

    IMG_7496.MOV IMG_7496.MOV IMG_7496.MOV
  5. pocoloco

    ITXX Livethread

    Oké , No icetrack But A lote off fun FullSizeRender.mov IMG_7245.MOV IMG_7277.MOV FullSizeRender.mov IMG_7353.MOV
  6. pocoloco

    ITXX Livethread

    IMG_6897.MOV IMG_6894.MOV
  7. Unfortunately I will cancel the icetrack, I don't dare to take the risk that there will be enough ice and snow. The weather reports are not positive and everything around 0 degrees. That is why I decided to take the train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. I find this very unfortunate and would rather not have made the decision. Sorry
  8. Hey hey, wir werden trotzdem Glück haben
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