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Wasser/Feuchtigkeit im Scheinwerfer V


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I recently bought a 2001 1,4Benz. and it's been a really great car to drive to work. The car was involved in an accident before I bought it where it was hit by a snow plow at the front left corner. This caused damages to the left headlight (top plastic bracket broken) and the "Aggregateträger" (or what the name is for the A2). The problem is that the LH light is leaking in water. This shows as drops on the clear plastic and is not something TÜV in Sweden approves. Luckily the headlight is very easy to remove and dry out with a hairdryer :).

I can't see the damage and some weeks ago I decided to check it so I: Removed the headlight and drilled a hole in the lid where I stuck a rubber hose. The hose was attached to my compressor and I immersed the whole lamp in a bucket of water. I could see bubbles coming from the lid, but also from a grey plastic "Ventile" close to the corner of the lamp. Nothing else was leaking :(.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to tackle this problem?

I could improve the seal (looks like new) around the lid, and also close the vent hole (which is probably there for a reason), but the fault must really be someplace else.

And yes, I remembered to close the hole with some "Chemical metal" afterwords :-).




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My advise would be, put some Silica Gel bags behind the headlights. You can buy Silica Gel either on eBay, or at any pharmacy. Buy at least 300 gr for every headlight and put the gel in an old women´s nylon tight.


You will see, it´s like a miracle. The dampness will be gone for ever!





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