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Bose box + old parts + spare time

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While waiting (again) for someone to deliver my winter wheels (who didn't show again :censored:) I thought I'd try something with the Bose woofer box.


It's always sounded too middle deep for my liking so I thought I'd try a bit of wadding inside, partly to soften the midbass kick, partly to try and make the volume effectively larger.



These pics show the woofer uncovered (a 5.25" used in many Bose boxes) and the empty box. It may have been worthwhile sticking some sound deadening pads to the side but I didn't have any hand.


The Passat padding (from a 3B warranty job after plenum leak) was hacksawed to fit and wedged inside. I did try scissors but the pic will show why I stopped....


For fans of Blue Peter - not many of you I guess :o - here's one I prepared earlier...


It'll be a while before I can tell if it sounds any different because the false floor and load cover have been removed to load an interior for delivery so the acoustics will be different to normal anyway :rolleyes:


I hope it'll help a little but I still want to make more changes!






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My thumb is like that also, worn the skin off and it's rather sore...oh well!


I may try laying some of the matting left on top of the box under the flap to see if that helps deaden the mid kick.




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