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  1. ....and the other side tonight, so that's about 29k km from them...including summer. Hmm. I do like the light they give though and I guess 15euros a year isn't so bad
  2. http://www.reifentest.com/pkw_winterreifen/winter_tact/wt_81/index.html Has anyone used them? I need to buy winter tyres for three family members and money is a little tight In the UK we tend to end up getting partworn tyres from your good selves but I'm thinking/guessing that the WT81s might not be as good from new as Conti/Michelin etc but that they'll be better than worn tyres. Sorry for English
  3. I now have new roof number 2 fitted by Worthing Audi I had an A1 1.4 tfsi dsg Sport while they fitted it and carried out a service; I'd like the steering wheel, engine and gearbox in my A2 please. Now.
  4. Reminds me to buy another set to replace the one blew earlier (I put the standard one back in.....).
  5. A pair of normal tires on the rear could make things more interesting;
  6. I'm pondering this, possibly 6 speed from Lupo also. I think, if there is a weak point of my car it's the AUA. It's ok, it's got me everywhere but, meh, not so much fun. Maybe it would be better to find an A2 FSI and use the bits but the AVY is 15bhp stronger with peak torque at 3000rpm not 4500rpm and fairly easily tuned. So...has anyone done anything like this before or seen any information perhaps? It seems a good reason to sell my G40 and parts
  7. Running my 1.8T on Shell95 I got 8.07 l/100km, on V-Power I got 7.43l/100km. It ran more smoothly and quietly so I've stuck with it in my 1.4. The best consumption I got on the Rinner trip though was using 91 It helps that there is a Shell station .5 km from me and it's cheaper than anywhere else locally I can't remember how V-Power diesel affected consumption in my 130pd Passat but again it was much quieter and smoother on it than normal Shell diesel.
  8. Cool pics I've just had a look through the galerie also It would have been nice to have been there but no way I could make it
  9. Was für ein Unterschied 3 Wochen macht.
  10. No part number for the lenkrad but for the slip ring it is; 1J0 959 654R
  11. I've asked I hope the lenkrad is ok, I don't think I'll find a blue A2 one anywhere other than Audi £$£$£$£euros
  12. Mfsw parts; are these suitable? Steering wheel; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sterring-W...item3a69548d57 He has the slip ring to go with it as well. Control module; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUDI-A6-A8...item3a68cb1366 Not quite the same blue as the A2 interior but what chance finding that secondhand?!
  13. I wish I could make it but I was there at the beginning aof the month. I spotted this; anyone on here?
  14. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1989-AUDI-100-AVANT-QUATTRO-SILVER-BLUE-/110731489691?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item19c81c719b Hmm...
  15. Anyway...not too bad a trip for me, I'll have to see if I'm free then.
  16. I'm there in August, maybe not in the A2 though. Pretty much everywhere is 1000-1200km for me. I don't think I'll have enough holiday or money to do everything
  17. I may have found another way of getting there with accomodation;
  18. I can get a brand new US 2008 spec RNS-E for a good price but are there any problems using it in Europe (radio frequencies usw)? It's probably cheap enough to make me not worry about holding for a 2010 spec but pointless if it won't work correctly. Thanks
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