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  1. Maybe this info from our German friends will help (use chrome and auto translate): https://wiki.a2-freun.de/wiki/index.php/Gelenkwellen
  2. Thanks, There has to be a small filter of some sorts to block large things from entering the pipe system ...but if there is no pump it might just the pipes.
  3. I did the operation above - with "Diesel Purge". The cylinder deviation seems to be the same. After warmup cylinder 3 goes on the plus side. The filter was not black as in video. The return line was pretty clean. What I found out and it's weird is that the trunk pump does not seem to work (but the car starts and works) - isn't there a low pressure fuel pump?. On the diesel line from trunk (in picture below - the closed loop) there is no movement...I expected to have diesel running from trunk and to go in return line...but it does not. The car starts wit
  4. update: I readjusted the torsion value to be on the plus side. (new rear brake pads, cables and pistons) I noticed that cylinder deviation is better now at idle at least - after torsion value reset. New log: - same run - but all 3 in one ->all 56 km (city and highway ). Non eco...and a bit of race style (sorry i was afraid to go over 180 on the highway because is not straight - no wonder it's limited speed). Consumption 5.3 when home....Better than last time and with Non Eco - this is at least weird. It was a little wormer outside. I will ha
  5. I will go to a certified dealership in town to clean the injectors and replace the o-rings. Hopefully it will not be a very expensive job. A complete rebuild for an injector is around 100euros (completely new parts from bosch). Since it is only cleaning and oring replacement.... The oring kit cost around 15 euro for one injector but I have no idea how much does the work cost (I am a little bit afraid to diy - i might miss some tools). I read some more and it seems that it is possible to have higher consumption because the "holding" o-rings from the injectors are wo
  6. Modified torsion value: Logs here: https://log.tunezilla.com/s/l71v76IY Now is a little bit under 0. (the value is correct on the graph - it is true what you said group 004 field 4 for torsion value)
  7. true... If you speak nice with it it might work as intended and might even take you to the seaside .
  8. I was thinking the same thing with torsion value. I will redo the logs tonight with new torsion value. I did this before the timing belt was changed this summer. It seems that the tools from the mechanic were a little used (but at least is on + side not on -) As I understood it is important to have the value around 0.5, is this right? PD engine like a little bit of+ there. What about injectors? what do you think? is is possible that cylinder 3 injector to have some issues? I am thinking of this because 1.2 is a small engine and maybe tolerance should be smaller? Or t
  9. When I did the test last night I found that the consumption is indeed close to you specification. 80 ->3.x 100/110 ->4.x 130 and above ->4.5 -in my short test. In the graph you can see I was "pushing to the metal" it almost all the time (when i was no afraid of the wet conditions and steep curves). It is a steep uphill on this highway. I have to test it with the golf but I am sure it struggles to accelerate over 150 uphill. Anyhow when i was going uphill on the way home (like the last 4/5 km) the consumption jumped 1L. So from the total o
  10. Temperature of engine and wheel when I arrived home from the run above: Turbo intake temperature when I arrived home. It was a little hard to get but this was after 5 or 6 minutes of idle. engine temperatures from above. - the circle in the middle is the oil cap. front wheel disc temperature (same on both sides) rear drum temperature (on the other side 17):
  11. yeeees...I do that pretty often. before the long update from this evening i did a reset again.
  12. UPDATE and lots of details: Here are the logs for this evening run. I did a log with advanced measurements. Please tell me what you think. You can find the logs here directly as graph (or csv in attachment): https://log.tunezilla.com/search?part_number=045 906 019 D ->Click "view" on the logs from 13-10-2020 and with lots of groups. LOG-01-011-048-061-07C-105-112-137-152_city_eco.CSVLOG-01-011-048-061-07C-105-112-137-152_NONeco_city.CSVLOG-01-011-048-061-07C-105-112-137-152_external_eco.CSV the log files: 1)city_Eco - in the
  13. @clekilein hmm good question. On highway it struggles to reach 130 in eco mode. 160km in eco mode with kickdown or not? The truth is I did not drive one of those before buying it. It was just a dream of mine:)...that now costed me more than the other car (and I still have to fix stuff). I owned a 1.4 fsi Lupo with the same gearbox so I knew what to expect and i had experience with bad actuator and clutch and etc. Right now I want to get out an test it out of the city. I will do a vcds log with speed and consumption and maybe boost. Any hints? W
  14. @DerWeißeA2 I changed the fuel filter myself:) this summer. It is surely new. I used MAN filter. About the diesel return line - any idea how to test?
  15. Can the diesel return line to the diesel tank be restricted and therefore have a greater consumption? Is this even a valid question?
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