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Red brake warning light

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I have an A2 1.4tdi from 2002. For some reason during brakeing often a bit heavier brakeing the red brake warning light heads up in the instrument cluster.
Sometimes it just disappears soon after and sometimes it stays longer, it can even stay after turning the ignition off. Then when I turn ignition on the three warning beeps sounds and the warning light displays. And then it can just disappear.

I have checked the brake fluid reservoir. It is just between min and max.
I have checked with diagnostic, no stored fault codes.
I have checked that the 3 braking lights works.

I tried to brake hard on a gravel road when the warning light was on and the ABS works perfect. The traction control also works.

I have changed the brake warning light switch for about 1 year ago, but then all warning lights showed up and the brake lights did not work. So I do not think that this switch is the cause this time.

What else can I check? Have someone else had these problems in the past?


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If your A2 is equipped with driver information system (DIS=bigger screen in the instrument cluster) then you can try to push the left button on the instrument beside the time/date display whenever the warning light is on.

It may tell you further details of the error on the DIS-screen then.


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