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Awesome VCDS VAG-COM plotter / graph

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I found this awesome vcds plotter for those interested:




You insert the vcds log directly. 

Press "insert log" and select the log from computer. 


The log below is for: Audi a2 - 1.2 any 2001.

Tested for boost pressure (I just changed n75, maf and lots other)

Example with one of my vcds logs -measuring blocks, egine,  group 011,010,015:

(if you press the "legend" you can eliminate what data to be on the graph or not)





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This is much better. Zoom works better and loads the file better. "Scroll" zoom works nice too.

If you click on a label it does not plot that particular value. It becomes "cut out" and disappears from graph.


And it has HISTORY :D:D...awesome. You can see the graphs for other engines like yours. 

You can access the history by pressing: "Find more logs or groups for the part number 045 906 019 D"

https://log.tunezilla.com/search?part_number=045 906 019 D 


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On 10/2/2020 at 11:28 PM, Phoenix A2 said:

Is it possible to add labels/scale on the y-axis?

Without it is difficult to read the diagram.


Hi @Phoenix A2,


I guess it is not. You would have to use the colors. 


Try the second one. It is much better. You can "hide" the colors you are not interested (press the color label). The first should do the same but it does not work as well.



example (I use only 3 from all lines - the rest are "cut off" when I press it.). This way you can see only what you are interested in in relation to other graphs:




This is the full graph from the above (this is harder to read than the above one):


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