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Volico interior paints available from other suppliers?

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Does anyone know if Volico paints are available from other suppliers?


Volico will not ship to Denmark because they think that Postnord (DK carrier) does not handle the parcels good enough. And they are very reluctant to use e.g. DHL even though I have offered to pay any difference.


Thanks in advance!



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Hi Thomas,


I don't know any other suppliers. But i can give you two options:


1) If another manufacturer comes into consideration for you I can recommend www.lederzentrum.de - many members of this forum are very happy with their products.


2) If you absolutely want the product from volico, I can offer you to order it and then send it to you to Denmark. The shipping costs from Germany to Denmark are around 14-16 €. If you are interested, feel free to contact me and we will find a solution.

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Thanks for your reply! I looked at the lederzentrum but I am not sure if they do softlack. It looks as if they "only" provide leather stuff. I need to repaint center console and some other interior parts.


I would definitely like to benefit from your generous offer to help me out. Please drop me a PM to thomas.ditlev(a)hotmail.com then we can arrange!





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