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Problems with 5th gear

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Yesterday while running my car I understood there was problems with the 5th gear. From start, giving gas, everything seems OK. But when car should go into 5th gear it seems to need 2-5 seconds extra before it went into the highest gear.

The problem came back everytime I had to drive slower and then accelerate again up to 90 km/h or higher. It seems that it couldn´t decide if it should run in the 4th or 5th gear, and the 5th gear didn´t want to work until I just lifted the gas pedal some few millimeters.


Have anyone had a similiar problem, and what did you do to solve it?


Stefan S

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i did :


Is it only the 5th gear or do you have similar problems with the 1st and 3rd one too?


When was the last gearbox basic setting?

It needs to be done every 30.000km.


Dont drive around too much, it could get worse and thereby expensive!


MfG Herbert

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I got my car from the VAG workshop today, after 3 weeks!

They changed the microswitches around the gearstick, and also the giver for the gearbox axis rotations. Although they couldn´t make a proper ground adjustment, and was about to switch the control box for the gearbox.

However, they also checked at last the bar going from the gearstick to the gearbox, and found that the ballscrew at the gearbox was about to loosen from the gearbox by vibrations.

When tightened the ballscrew, everything works fine again!


I also got 700 Euro more poor by this.


I just cant understand why the workshop didn´t check all mecanic parts first of all, instead of running into the wall by just checking the electronic parts.


However, I´m happy of having a working car again.


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