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  1. stylophonic

    Possible ATL turbo upgrade?

    ok thank you for that.. the turbo is capable of 2bar.. will you change injectors and go for more power? iv just bought this turbo for my 1.9pd a2.. will fit it myself. congrats on doing this. regarding the clutch though.. its for the 4pot... are you using a 3pot flywheel?? are you getting any gearbox chatter?
  2. stylophonic

    Possible ATL turbo upgrade?

    Ok nice.. How much did he charge for the full work?
  3. stylophonic

    Possible ATL turbo upgrade?

    Awesome. What boost are u running? Any install pics? Are u using the stock cooler and exhaust?? .
  4. stylophonic

    ACHTUNG wichtige Infos zum 6 Gang Umbau!

    Its the easiest way to be honest. The ptw gearbox has longer ratios then the myp. There is also a ptu gearbox that can be used too .. Regardless they are all mq250 and the starter motor needs 10 mil cut off the base with a cutting disc.
  5. stylophonic

    ACHTUNG wichtige Infos zum 6 Gang Umbau!

    when i fitted my ptw 6 speed to my atl..... i took a cuting disc on a the base of the starter motor to shorten it so it would interlock with the teath on the flywheel.. a 5 minuite job... and 15k miles later no problem
  6. stylophonic

    Possible ATL turbo upgrade?

    was waiting for someone to mention the gtd1752vrk.. its ceramic ballbearing with 5th generation vnt mechanism.. this is by bar the best turbo for the atl. turbo technology has moved on drastically in 15 years.. thanks for that comparision graph! the smaller gtd turbos dont have the same ceramic bb technology
  7. Where is the balance on the trunk? Is it behind the bumper? If so.. I have removed this already.
  8. Perfect.. thanks for your reply.. Fyi removed all weight already.. now I'm splitting hairs but want to do this.. where are u based in Germany??
  9. hello.. does anyone know the differences in weight between a 21 litre tank and a 42 litre tank,, also anyone that has done the conversion.. are they looking to sell their smaller tank as id like to retro fit it to mine
  10. stylophonic

    A2 TDI ATL 90PS Zweimassenschwungrad tauschen

    That sounds like a total expensive nightmare.. Very sobering to read.
  11. stylophonic

    anyone AMF/ATL using GT1749 (eather v, va vb)

    thanks for the reply.. so your saying that there will be people using this.. but no one will tell because of tuv problems? im not sure what did actually happen to kane?? did his car not get approved? what happened?
  12. stylophonic

    anyone AMF/ATL using GT1749 (eather v, va vb)

    vnt turbos gt1749v gt1749va or gt1749vb they are found on pd130 and pd150 engines? is anyone familair with thie turbo option.. or have you heard of anyone apart from kane fitting an uprated vnt turbo ??
  13. hi there not had much luck online finding many members running this turbo on their tdi,, are any of you guys using this turbo??.. if so whats your impressions of it? how much boost are you running? how much power are you making>? which version of turbo are you using? would you recomend?
  14. stylophonic

    Tdi90 dyno graphs

    hello fellow A2 owners... do any of you have any dyno graphs of a tdi90 eather standard or mapped? id love to have a loook at some graphs
  15. stylophonic

    Turboumbau am ATL

    when you say it didnt work long.. iv got a gt1749va turbo and was considering duing the same.. what happened to this car? did the engine blow up??