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  1. It takes a few seconds to reach the max pressure value. So I bet the pump is fine. After this event I've put some oil, it was slightly under the level rectangle. Now,after 2 days it is still where it was so it is not leaking. Where could it loose pressure?
  2. Hello from Romania! Today our A2 1.2TDi died in the middle of the city at a red light. I've seen that the gear indicator in the cluster was indicating 2nd gear when I've stopped and waiting for the green light. After I ve released the brake the engine has turned off. I've turned off the ignition, crank it up again and everything was normal. For the last few days in the morning, when I open the driver door I can't hear the pressure pump. It starts after turning on the engine. It shows on the cluster that the door is open so it is not door switch related. I ve connected my vcds and I attach
  3. Thanks! I've tried and it starts from around 4V in STOP to 1.02V in MINUS. I will see if there is this voltage drop that you are talking about but look what I write down here. I have driven the car today so the news are: driving on D position, runs fine, no problem at all and then when moving the levier to tiptronic, drops one gear for example from 5th to 4th and when pushing the levier to +(UP) it downshifts instead of upshifts. When pulling to -(DOWN) it does nothing at all. One more thing, it is just me or for the few first minutes at the first start of the day it ne
  4. Hi! I came back with the results of the gear levier switches. Here the car is in D, slightly low voltage. -works fine Here the car is in tiptronic mode Here the car is in tiptronic - (MINUS) only 1V voltage and when in chaneel 16 on minus it still shows like it is on tiptronic middle, not plus or minus. Here the car is in tiptronic + (PLUS) it shows minus position(- MINUS) T-MI (i think) and NOT T-PLUS like it shoud. Can this be solved with a calibration of the gear levier? Thanks!
  5. UPDATE: We installed it, put some grease but still has a small amount of play...we will test it for the next days and see if there are problems when turning, because I think that the shaft then needs to move a bit inside and outside depending to the side you turn.
  6. Ok, So I have bought the gearbox mount 6e0407280 - oem Next I have bought the SFK VKJA 8013 (made after: 1J0 498 103 K) - 1.4TDI repair kit for inner axle joint - just to use the tripode from here . And the 6E0 498 201 - oem lupo joint cover. Now I have a problem. the Tripode from 1.4TDI kit just barely fits inside the 6e0407280 oem new mount for 1.2TDi, it doesn't have any play ,it is very hard to be pushed with the finger inside, unlike when it it pushed in the mounting that came with the 1.4TDI kit. It seems like the bearings are a bit to big for the holes.... What
  7. I was talking about gearbox side-Tripode side and wheel side-near brake caliper and not about the sides where it is mounted like on the left or right. So this SKF driveshafts fit on our A2 1.2TDI? Niceee, thank you, is this problem with the Tripode play common on this model? We had another 1.4TDI A2, and 1.4TDi Lupo, and many other VAG Cars but never had an issue with the driveshafts...
  8. Hi! On our A2 1.2TDI, right driveshaft has some play at the end that is near the gearbox, not at the end near the wheel, and it "knocks" when applying load, mainly when a gear is changed. I want to buy a new one, but I can't find one in Romania after this code: 8Z0 407 272 AL However, I found another code that according to this site ( https://audi.7zap.com/en/rdw/audi+a2/a2/2004-248/4/407-407030/#1 ) might also fit on my A2 TDI : 8Z0 407 452 X Can you help me with some information about this right driving shaft? What are the differences about this two codes/items?
  9. Thank you friends! A lot of good answers. I have a VCDS V2 cable, that I use for my other cars. I will do a scan on the car as soon as I arrive home (my mom have the a2) and I think too that one of the switches around the gear selector is dead. If so, can they be found in new condition still or I have to search them on scrap cars? Have a good week-end!
  10. Hi! We recently bought an Audi A2 1.2TDI 3L. The car drives fantastic. Everything works as it should. We encountered a problem today, the tiptronic mode/manual mode is not working. It shows the gears 1,2,3,4,5 when selector is in manual/tiptronic, but when pushing it to + or - it not changes the gear. In Drive, cars drive flawless. For example if it is in 3rd gear and switching to manual/tiptronic, shows in the cluster that I am in 3rd but also no change of gear, I have to switch it back to automatic mode. Wait for your answer! I live in Romania and here there aren't tha
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