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  1. @biohaufen Hero, can you tell some more how to alter and/or change the BIP map. My ATL develops the same 2-step idle character when changed to remap/tuning software! Apparantly something is changed in the hardware department of my car..... In the end swapped back to former software and all was fine again.
  2. A question about the 4pot flywheel. In my search for a replacement SMF flywheel (to ditch the ATL DMF,) I'd understand that a 4 pot SMF is creating (unwanted) unbalancing of the 3 pot....... that's why I installed an AMF SMF, which unfortunely only takes a small diameter (215mm) clutch. I take it you're driven your tuned set up, or enough at least, to say if there's vibration in any of the rev range? Woul'd you be so kind to give info what 4pot flywheel (partnumbers) is used and/or if the flywheel is re-balanced for a 3pot? Thanx!
  3. A2 friends, a compliment to your fine and informative forum! Every time I'm surprised to find some new information which is beneficial to keep Audi's finest on the road. This time it was a post of @A2-D2 about a PQ25 console & wishbone which could be installed as an alternative to the original PQ24! Maybe nothing special to someone who delivers his car to a dealer or garage for maintenance........ But very interesting for people who wants to do everything by themselves! My German is nicht so gut (understated ?) but, man, what a big source of information this forum is, Big Thanx for sharing! ?????
  4. Hello all! Sorry to reply in English.... If you don't mind; I'm Menno from the Netherlands, this my first posting and this subject triggered me to become a member an react on it. I bought a febi kit with 3 sprockets and bought the 4th sprocket from the far east. When the Febi kit arrived it was defective (one of the guide rail was broken loose). I returned the kit and ordered a Borsehung with 4 sprockets. The quality comparison is there. The Borsehung sprocket is well made in comparison with the Chinese one, and was to be expected..... Top sprocket Chinese, bottom one Borsehung; It's clear that the top gear is coarser, also the teeth are wider in radius and are sharper........ Almost would think it's been used.
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