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Polo 9n springs on A2...

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Having driven a Polo 1.4 fsi with sport suspension recently I'm pondering the suitability of it's springs (or Eibachs for it) on the A2.

The front axle weight listed for it is the same as my A2 was measured at and it definitely sat lower than a standard one. Not a lot, just enough, it looked 'right'. I'm tempted to try a pair on the front of mine (I'm happy with the rear) but I'm undecided as whether or not I think the spring rates will be suitable. I read somewhere that for the 3B Passat sport suspension it was 1% stiffer per 1mm lower, so I'm thinking that while the Polo may have lower spring rates weight-for-weight compared to an A2 this increase may balance it. Considering that most companies listings for A2 dampers are the same as those they list for Polos/Fabias/Ibizas I wonder how much difference it all really makes...all I know is that that Polo and the Foxes I've driven (on standard suspension ) have been much better balanced than an A2 out of the box :(

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