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Problem with 1.2 TDI


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Hi, guys!

(I'm very sorry for not writing in German, but I hope you would still be able to help me) :)

I would really appreciate if anyone could share some thoughts on this.

So the problem is that sometimes while driving the display showing the number of the gear disappears as well as accelerator/gass pedal (is it called that way in English?) stops working - engine keeps working evenly, like the car just keeps going on free ride (like you were on neutral gear) until you stop. And if you try to change the gear manually or turn to reverse - nothing happens. You have to turn the engine off, and the on again.

We took it to the service, but they were unable to find anything (but they weren't sure where to look either), while checking the computer, they found the error with the pressure (annnd, they deleted it without taking proper note and as the mechanic does not speak English and we were not there at that moment, we only know that it was something with the pressure, but not exactly what it was.... ).

Oh, and it happened two times in when it was really cold here (like twenty degrees below zero), then it was all good, and few weeks ago there was problem with the gear box itself - particular gear would get stuck and would not change... The garage checked the liquid levels, it was low, so they refilled it. And few days after that this problem started...

Maybe you guys have some ideas where to look for problems and the possible solutions?


Thank you so so much!

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if this is happening time to time, I would start wit most cheap and simple issues.

-So i would try to check the oil level for the shift hydraulic system first.

I think you will find a description in the internet, or use translating software to read it here.


- Second thing is to adjust the clutch. You need a diagnose system like VAG Com. The clutch value should be 1.8V-2.0V or aroud 4 V depending if clutch is open or closed. but the 1.8-2V is the important one. If it is out of range, the clutch must be adjusted.


Then start basic setting routine in diagnose system. You can find this discribed in english on Ross Tech pages.


Beast Regards



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