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Extra aux lights spotlights Fernlicht


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Hello German friends!

I'm from Sweden and usually hang out at the English forum, a2oc.net


Since I live in Sweden the winter is dark (and full of terrors) and extra high beam lights is useful. We also have less rules than Germany and I'm allowed legally to have them on my car as in the picture below.


I have fitted my new led lights to my car, but haven't done the electrics yet. I will wire them up with a relay to have them switch on together with the high beam (fernschein). But I need somewhere to get power. Is there a good place to get a 12V feed in the engine compartment? I also need to hook the relay up to the original man beam, where is this done easiest?


You can answer in German, but English is preferred.


Reinforced fresh air box.



The lights. The big one is a spotlight with narrow beam. The smaller ones are flood lights.



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Is there a good place to get a 12V feed in the engine compartment?


The easiest way is probably to steal 12V directly from the alternator. Should be possible to add another cable eye to the positive terminal and go from there. Just make sure to put in a fuse in the first few centimeters of cable (unless you're a fan of aluminium fires of course).


The easiest way to trigger your relais would probably be.. hm... *skims through electric diagrams*... well, I'd probably steal it from one headlamp. Don't know how the wire harness looks and if it can be easily spliced up far enough to do that properly though. Maybe find out if you can get the harness plug and the headlamp jack seperately and solder yourself a plugin adapter? That would also be the cleanest way if you want to take it out again some day. Positive is switched, so that should be pretty easy to wire up with a relais.

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the fernlicht on the driver side headlamp is the white/black 1.5mm2 cable. I have my Xenons - ref 75 - on 15A fuses on the same circuit as normal, as the 15A is only on first start.


Bear in mind you'll want some way to disconnect them, though, which is where it gets difficult... waterproof connectors with high current capabilities aren't necessarily that easy to find.


- Bret

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Thank you for your advice guys. The lights are now fitted and working. I ended up stealing the 12V from the generator, by herr_tichys advice. Earth was connected to the earth point behind the left headlamp.


Disabling them is a matter of disconnecting the fuse near the generator. The cables can be disconnected from the hood aswell, required for removing the bonnet. It's a bit of a hassle right now, I will be looking for a better plug.


The LED bar is rated 120W and the small ones are rated 36W. I can say that the rating is probably wrong. I fitted a 10A fuse and it didn't blow. If the rating was correct, I would need a fuse with at least 13A. But hey, that's what you get for buying cheap stuff from China.


Dipped beams:



Main beams with spotlights:



I'll take some pictures in daylight aswell to show what it really looks like.

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hmm, that's not bad at all. Must check mine again, but they need readjusting, just redid it and I think they're too high now.


You should come over for Icetrack :jaa:


- Bret

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That looks like quite the improvement :jaa:


Did you use a relay? If so, where did you connect it?


Yes, I used a relay. Took the controlling current from the left headlamp. As bret pointed out, the black and white cable on position 1 in the connector is the main beam. So I took the connector apart and soldered an extra wire to connector 1.


The load current was taken from the generator.


Here is a picture of the connector, I made for the english a2oc.net forum.


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