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Translation of VCDS Lable Files.


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I'm a member of the A2 Owners Club in UK,and have a 1.6 FSI Sport. Those of us who have FSIs are having problems with VCDS when scanning the BAD Engine Controller, because their is no English language lable file. VCDS then redirects and gives it's best guess. This is often not technically correct 

Here's an example:


Absolute Pressure for both values in Block 140, which should be Target Value and Actual Value. 

I have the German language lable file, and I am looking for help to translate it To English. 

I've attached the lable file, and would be very grateful for any volunteers 🤞



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If going for machine translation, I'd usually recommend to try DeepL over Google translate.

Downside: There's a character limit, requiring the file to be split in 4-5 parts.

DeepL unfortunately also seems to translate splits like "Plastic-," to "Plastic,," which may have to be corrected manually for the file to be properly usable in VCDS.


The results in this case are not completely different, though it's always going to be hard to translate the technical terms faithfully when there are seemingly multiple valid translations for parts like the throttle body (throttle / throttle valve).



I'll look into some manual corrections if required at all (though will admit that I probably don't know all the proper FSI terminology).

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