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A2 , 1.2TDI, Getriebe problem ?


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Ich spreche deutche nicht gut, bitte helfen sie in englisch. Danke!


I tried to search forum for similar problem, but as my german is not good, I haven't found the answer.


As the title of this thread states, I have Audi A2 1,2TDI, 2002 year. The problem is that engine doesn't start when gear selector is in STOP position. I push selector to the N position and engine starts with no problems.


Hydraulic fluid level is ok.I made clutch adjustment, basic settings and creep point settings with no problems. Car drives normaly. Brake lamps and indicator near gear slector works when pushing the brakes (indicator turns off when brake is pushed), so I think brake pedal sensor is good. Also I tried change gears when not driving and engine is off, I can make only 2-3 gear changes and then pump begins pumping again. So I order pressure acumulator.


Could the reason be pressure acumulator? What other reason could be that I can't start engine in STOP position?


P.S. I have this car only for a week, so I am new to that interesting model :)


Vielen Dank für Ihre zeit!

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Most probably your problem is a result of the broken "Führungshülse"

In this case the clutch gets stuck in a different posistion than in the neutral released position, what means that the clutch sensor shows a different value than the saved one and only when the gear lever is the N position, the clutch will be pulled so you can start.

It would be interesting to know your mileage.

Usually theese problems occure after 100k miles in city mode or after 200k miles overland.

Here you see how this part may look like:

Anfänger mit defektem A2 1,2 TDI Schaltung Motor starten - A2 Forum

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Thanks for prompt response. Odometer shows 140 000km, and seems that it is right mileage, because I have service book from earlier owner.


Hm interesting. It will be not verry nice if it is true... As I understand there is a lot of work to change that part. But if that part would be failed wouldn't there be any problems during clutch ajustment? Or would't I feel when driving?

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Once the engine runs it runs. Because of the spin it does not block during driving.

What you could test: If the engine does not want to start in P, pull the clutch cable in the engine compartment.

If it then releases the gear automatically, it's most probably the mentioned problem.

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