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ESP Warning Light (ABS, ASR, Brakes)

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Hello everybody,


Many written about ESP faults, i wanna share mine if u dont mind.

My German is not very well so I try english..

Recently  while driving the car, Audi A2, 1.4 tdi, 55kw, 2001, AMF, the ASR light flashed followed by ASB and Brakes warning.

I already did some research and read the ABS system with my handscanner Autophix ES680.  Following errors

1. ABS system->01542 G202 Yaw rate sensor

2. Motor system-> 18057 Powertrain Data Bus missing message from ABS (P1649)

3. 00778 Steering Angle  G85

4. 16955 Brake Switch (F), Implausible Signal (P0157)


I went on and replaced the brake Switch , I read many threads causing this.

Unplugged multi-pin connector T47 from ABS with EDL control unit-J104 and measured for open circuit wires to connector on G202, all looking good, also +5 V power.


Re-attached T47 and G202 + G200, and after scanning ABS system now gives me 1 error 01423 G200 and again 16955 Brake switch.


I notice that when i switch on ignition, abs + asr lights dim and when I wiggle the whole unit in bracket (G202, G200) lights illuminate in dashboard,

I suspect faulty sensors, but u never can be shure, strange at first G202 and now G200, is my scanner no good or sensors bad or..? Anyone?


thank u



Moved thread to english sub forum and adapted the thread title.

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Moved to english sub forum

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i also have the possibility to read the [Measuring Blocks - 08] Group 004
field 1: steering angle  (G85) in beginning >3000 ° and when turning wheel < 300 °, dont seem right to me, 

field 2 (G200) looks normal 0,5 m/s²

field 3 (G202) acts crazy with > 32 m/s², dont seem right to me.

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